Nearly 5000 persons die in every year in road accidents in Haryana

Bahadurgarh&  Sirsa : Information reveals, nearly 5000 persons die in road accidents every year in Haryana state and life of between 80-90% accident victims can be saved in case immediate medical aid s provided to accident victims. As usually seen, over 40% accident victims succumb to their injuries unable to get first aid and timely treatment after the mishap. There are 12 Trauma Centers in Haryana state set up by state health department in districts to provide immediate treatment to accident victims which include eight Trauma Centers located in district civil hospitals at Ambala City, Karnal, Yamunanagar, Panipat, Sonipat and Rewari apart from other districts Gurugram, Hisar and Palwal functioning in private hospitals authorized by the state government.

 It has been observed that these Trauma Centers are functioning merely as referral centers since most of the serious accident victims brought to these Trauma Centers are referred to PGI at Chandigarh or Rohtak or General Hospital Chandigarh after first aid, since these Trauma centers are unable to treat serious patients struggling for life after sustained serious injuries in road mishaps because of non-availability of senior doctors as well as surgical instruments in these Trauma centers as a result large number of accident victims die on the way. Information also reveals that in 30-40% cases the patients are not provided even first aid and blood oozing from injuries l on the ways causes death due to excessive bleeding from the body. It is usually seen that most of the Trauma Centers are situated at a distant place from highways and seriously injured accident victim on way to nearby Trauma Center succumbs to their injuries before reaching destination generally due to excessive bleeding or lot of time taken to complete formalities while carrying patients to referred hospital.     

Information reveals, on an average 5000 persons die in road mishaps every year in Haryana and in case timely treatment is provided to accident victims their lives can be saved. According to information, ambulance service to reach at the accident spot immediately on dialing Toll Free number 1033 is available in every 60 kilometer distance on the highways as well as prominent roads in the state likely to reach at the accident spot within 10 to 15 minutes.

According to available data as regard number of road accidents reported in Haryana state, injured victims referred by Trauma centers and reported died in the mishaps in past five years has been identified as 10939 road mishaps reported in the state in which 5120 persons died and 8164 accident victims were referred for treatment in year 2017. During year 2018 as many as 10760 road accidents were reported in the state in which 5118 persons were reported died and 7735 in injured victims were referred. During year 2019 total number of 5057 persons were reported died in road mishaps, whereas 7500 injured victims were referred for treatment. Similarly, during year 2020  as many as 4507 persons were reported died in 8875 road accidents and 6410 accident victims were referred. During year 2021, in 9392 road accidents 4706 persons were reported died and 6948 accident victims were referred to PGIs and Government hospital Chandigarh for treatment.