Nearly 100 fake prepared passports in Haryana a threat to national security

Question arises over Haryana police performance after the recent incident reported at Fatehabad in Haryana state where nearly 100 passport verified by the police were detected prepared on the basis of fake documents. Now action has started for cancellation of all such fake passports posing a severe threat to national security.

According to information by Haryana Passport office Ambala, passports are usually prepared on the basis of police verification and thorough investigation of applicant as regard his or her permanent as well as temporary address and identification by two responsible persons residing in the area by concerned police station of area duly checked by security branch in SP office in the district.

According to information, Passport office Haryana has started thorough   investigation of all passports prepared since the year 2017 to detect embezzlements if any in all passports prepared and issued in past five years by the department.  Information reveals, action will be taken against those got prepared passport on the basis of fake information as well as those poice personnel verified the identification without thorough investigation of applicants allegedly accepting ‘Suvidha Shulk’ raising a question over police role.

Information also reveals that nearly 21 similar cases in which passports were prepared on the basis of fake police verification have been detected in Karnal district, besides few similar cases also detected in Kuukshetra district. Mystery started during investigation in the case of a gangster  Varinder Pratap alias  Kala Rana most wanted by Haryana, Punjab, Delhi and Rajasthan police escaped to Thailand with the help of fake passport prepared on the basis of investigation by Fatehabad police and it was disclosed on the basis of data in a mobile phone that 29 fake passports of those applicants residing at Fatehabad were identified by the police when during investigation it was found that the addresses mentioned in passports were false since the applicants were residents of Delhi, Punjab and Kolkata.

Sadar police Fatehabad a couple of days ago arrested two persons identified as Satnam resident of village Arwahan and Munish Kumar resident of Ratia allegedly involved in fake identification of Ravi alias Karan, Both were remanded to police custody for further investigation by the court. According to information action is being taken against police personal deployed for verification in fake passport cases.