NCC cadets are role models and inspire the youth: Defence Secretary

New Delhi : Defence Secretary Giridhar Aramane said that for the country’s youth, the cadets of National Cadet Corps (NCC) are the role models, who inspire them to excel in their respective field and contribute towards nation building.

The Defence Secretary visited the NCC Republic Day Camp at Delhi Cantt on Wednesday.

He emphasised that the NCC, with its philosophy and vision, energises the youth and train them to become better citizens.

The objective to expand the NCC is to motivate more and more youth across the country to join the largest uniformed youth organisation and explore its benefits, he added.

Aramane urged the youth to shed mediocrity and aim big to achieve their goals, which inturn help the country to reach greater heights.

“The youth with lots of energy, when not properly directed, will end up doing anti-social activities. The youth has to be properly educated and should be given a task which is constructive and contributes to the nation’s economy and prosperity. NCC cadets can be their inspiration to achieve this objective, ” the Defence Secretary said.

During his visit, Aramane witnessed a mesmerising cultural programme, featuring group dances and ballets that showcased our nation’s rich cultural heritage by the NCC cadets.

The themes depicted by the cadets ranged from unity in diversity, the oneness of the Indian source, the scientific temperament and the improvement to the economy, a Defence Ministry official added.

The Defence Secretary also visited the ‘Flag Area’, prepared by 17 NCC Directorates showcasing various social awareness schemes depicted through sand models. He was also briefed on various projects undertaken by NCC cadets on ‘Waste to Wealth’.