Nationwide campaign launched on Bhumi Suposhan and Samrakshan

                                    The nationwide mass campaign of ‘National level Jan Abhiyan on Bhumi Suposhan and Samrakshan’ is launched by the institutions working in the agriculture and environment sector. The basic objective of this campaign is to successfully practice Indian agricultural practices and non-chemical farming.

This multiple-dimensional Abhiyan will comprise action, awareness generation and advocacy for reinstating the holistic Bhumi Suposhan concept. The initial phase of three months will start on auspicious Chaitra Navratri which is on 13th April 2021, Wednesday. And it will be organized in different states, districts, villages and cities across the country.

In the initial phase of the Abhiyan, various programs like felicitating farmers practicing, nonchemical means of farming, awareness generation on replenishing the lands, initiating Bhumi Suposhan on the fields of the willing farmers, encouraging segregation of degradable waste, and converting it into compost in housing societies in cities and villages are planned.

Seminars, workshops, debates, and farmer’s field schools are also organized under this campaign.

This mass campaign is the result of a comprehensive consultation process implemented in the last four years. In January 2018, consultations were held after sitting with farmers and agriculture scientists and a national conference on land nutrition, regional meetings. And this campaign involves a joint effort of 33 organizations.