NASA and the Conspiracy Theory

The declassified documents about NASA’s secret relationships with intelligence agencies and military agencies are true and the meaning can well be determined from its contents and contexts, writes SANJIB SINHA

NASA and civilian space research have become almost synonymous. However, the popularity has drawn a lot of conspiracy theories around it. All the conspiracy theories about NASA are not scientific and they cannot be determined from its contents and contexts. They are nothing but pseudo-science. 

The declassified documents about NASA’s secret relationships with intelligence agencies and military agencies are true and the meaning can well be determined from its contents and contexts. One should not associate it with any conspiracy theories moving around NASA.

Anyone can visit George Washington University’s National Security Archive and check the veracity of these declassified documents. There is no ambiguity. The declassified documents are clear and well defined. One can not claim that they are not clear by virtue of having more than one meaning.

What is conspiracy theory

When the government supposedly carries out any illegal act by violating legislation, and the news come out in the open space, a conspiracy theory may be invoked without credible evidence. Here, a matter of faith takes precedence, rather than proof.

Conspiracy Theories are based on closed system and shut the door for further scientific probe. This closed system is unfalsifiable and hence no matter what comes on its way it does not care. Something has been assumed and that is final.

You may associate conspiracy theories with certain kind of practices, which once Machiavelli had practiced in Florence once upon a time. You say something (not true always) again and again, after a certain period people start believing them.

The political doctrine of Machiavelli says, any means (however unscrupulous) can be used by a ruler in order to create and maintain his autocratic government. So the less scrupulous conspiracy theorist always tries to establish some unscientific facts about NASA.

Nuclear war on Mars?

There are a few conspiracy theories round the web. You may feel tempted to read them, but take them with a pinch of salt. Richard Charles Hoagland (born April 25, 1945), is an American author who has written a few books on NASA’s activities. He is one of the many proponents of various conspiracy theories about NASA and the US government. He claimed advanced civilizations exist or at least existed on the Moon, Mars and on some other planets or on their moons. He also claims that NASA and the US government have jointly suppressed the truth and kept those facts secret.

One of such conspiracy theories claim that there were nuclear wars on the Moon or Mars and those places still show signs of destructions. Hoagland also believes that one day the government will disclose this information.

Unfortunately a broad cross-section of people still believe and give credence to at least some conspiracy theories. This modern connected world has definitely increased the figure of such conspiracy theories. Besides unscientific texts, there are lots of videos, audios widely present on the Web.

The declassified documents stating NASA’s secret relationships with intelligence and military agencies like CIA, DoD and NRO remove all ambiguities. You should not confuse these true unambiguously proved facts with unscientific
conspiracy theories.