Multiple stabbings reported in UK’s Birmingham; Police declare “Major Incident”

UK Police on Sunday declared a “major incident” after multiple people were stabbed in the city of Birmingham.

West Midlands Police in an official statement said, “We can confirm that at approximately 12:30 am today (Sunday 6 September) we were called to reports of a stabbing in Birmingham city centre. We immediately attended, along with colleagues from the ambulance service. A number of other stabbings were reported in the area shortly after.”

“We are aware of a number of injured people, but at the moment we are not in a position to say how many or how serious. However, all emergency services are working together at the scene, and making sure that those who are injured receive medical care,” Police said.

“This has been declared a major incident,” West Midlands Police added.

They further said, “Work is still going on to establish what has happened, and could take some time before we are in a position to confirm anything. At this early stage, it would not be appropriate to speculate on the causes of the incident. The emergency services have well-rehearsed plans for dealing with major incidents. Our response is ongoing in Birmingham city centre and will be for some time. Cordons are in place, and there are some road closures. Your safety is our priority. We are now reviewing our policing across the city and will make any necessary changes. You may see a greater police presence in the area.”

Urging the people to remain calm, police said, “We would urge you to remain calm (but vigilant) and to stay away from the area. To keep updated on what is happening please follow the @wmpolice Twitter account.”

More details awaited.