Militancy in Kashmir nearly ‘finished’ now, says J&K DGP

Jammu and Kashmir Director General of Police (DGP), Dilbagh Singh, has given a positive assessment of the current state of militancy in Jammu and Kashmir, highlighting a considerable reduction in local youth joining militant ranks.

Singh, during his visit to the Mata Badrakali Temple in Handwara in north Kashmir said: “This year only 10 (local) youths have joined militancy. Last year, 110 had become militants. How good it would have been if none had joined the ranks because even among the 10, six have been killed, and the remaining four will also get killed.”

He appealed to those involved in militancy, saying, “They should leave the path of violence and come back,” emphasizing the importance of peace and reconciliation.

Singh expressed empathy for the families of militants, acknowledging that their deaths bring no happiness to the security forces. 

“I also want to say that it is not as if we feel happy about the death of militants. They also belong to a family. We want that if anyone has left the path of peace should come back and drop his weapons to lead a normal life,” he said.

The DGP highlighted the overall transformation in the region over the past five years, noting that “The militancy, which had struck like a calamity on the entire Jammu and Kashmir, has been almost finished, and whatever remnants are left will be eliminated soon.”

He added, “The atmosphere of fear has ended, and people of all ages can move around freely. Today we have times of peace and happiness.”

Singh particularly mentioned the situation in North Kashmir, stating, “North Kashmir is almost free of militancy… There is no active militant but there are a few odd floating militants who keep moving from one place to another. They will also be eliminated.”