MHA asks other ministries to circulate cyber safety handbook to all schools

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) wrote to various ministries to circulate a handbook on cyber safety to all the schools run by them in order to create awareness about cyber safety among school children above the age of 13.

An official said the MHA has asked the Defense, Railways and Human Resource Development Ministries to circulate the handbook to all the schools under their domain.

The MHA has prepared the handbook particularly for Adolescents/Students on Cyber Safety, for children above the age of 13, who are susceptible to getting exposed to cyberspace with less and limited understanding of cyber threats and their safeguards.

According to the ministry, the basic purpose of the handbook is to provide an overview of various cyber threats that can really impact children and discuss safeguards that can help in the prevention of cyber crimes.

The handbook also warns students against any fake news or hoax messages which readily spread like wildfire and create law and order issues which in future may even lead to causing loss of lives in some cases.