Members from Delhi’s Citizens4trees meet Environment Minister

Initiator of Citizens4trees, Prerna Prasad along with its tree patrolling team met Delhi Environment Minister Imran Hussain on July 18 at Delhi Secretariat.

Minister Imran Hussain ordered an immediate inquiry into the illegal felling of trees on receiving their complaint regarding the violation of High court order. He also connected the vigilance team of Citizens4trees to DCF South who is incharge of giving permissions for tree cutting.

“The patrolling team has filed four police complaints over a period of two weeks and no action has been taken on them and neither a FIR has been filed,” said Prerna Prasad.

Delhi Environment Minister had given an order to file FIR against violation of High court and NGT order.

The team comprising of Prerna Prasad, Veer Mahendra Singh and Balram Chaudhary apprised the Minister about flouting of Delhi High Court and NGT directions by the construction agencies. Despite the NGT’s clear directions that even the debris should not be moved, the agencies are dumping debris on roots and trunks of the trees thus choking them and eventually using JCB machines to remove the debris and destroying the trees while doing that.

The High Court and NGT stay order is being openly violated by NBCC and all other agencies. Different ways are being adopted to kill the trees. They are not cutting it directly but murdering it in different ways either by putting acid or chopping their branches or putting debris on them, said a member of the night patrolling team, Citizens4trees.

“We will also be meeting Minister of Environment, Central Govt and Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs, Central Govt and demanding them to take strict action against these violations,” said Prerna.