Medical Mess- Nail the bogus doctors

The Tehelka SIT investigative report (Part-2) reveals how hospitals hire foreign medical graduates for lesser salaries while turning a blind eye to their failure to clear the mandatory FMGE

“The standard of medical education in Pakistan is quite high. I found it difficult to clear the medical exams there. I completed my MBBS from Fatima Jinnah Medical University, Lahore, Pakistan in 2020 and in 2021, I did my internship from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore. After that in April 22, I returned to Kashmir and from June 22, I am working at a private hospital in Kashmir”. This is Sadia Khan [name changed], a girl from Kashmir. While speaking to Tehelka over phone, Sadia said that after completing MBBS from Pakistan, she returned to India. She admitted that without clearing the FMGE exam, which is mandatory for all the foreign medical graduates to be eligible to practice in India, she started practicing in a private hospital of Kashmir. 

Tehelka in the first part of the story, published in the last issue has already mentioned that every year, thousands of Indians with medical degrees from foreign universities appear for the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination [FMGE]. The screening test conducted by the National Board of Examination [NBE] and mandated by the National Medical Commission [previously Medical Council of India ] is held for these graduates to assess their competency to practice in India. Foreign medical graduates from countries like Russia, Ukraine, China, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal among others are allowed to practice in India only after they have cleared the FMGE. However, MBBS graduates from the US, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand do not need to take the examination. Sadia Khan has done MBBS from Pakistan. A country which falls in the list from where after doing MBBS an Indian student is required to clear FMGE exam to be able to practice in India. But Sadia Khan without clearing FMGE has been illegally practicing in a private hospital of Kashmir for the last eight months, playing with the lives of unsuspecting people.

When country was gearing up to welcome 2023, the CBI was conducting raids and searches at 91 locations across the country in connection with its investigation against several state medical councils and foreign medical graduates who were allowed to practice in India without qualifying the mandatory test. The agency had registered FIRs for alleged corruption, criminal conspiracy, forgery and cheating against 14 state medical councils and 73 foreign medical graduates who were allowed to practice medicine in India without qualifying the mandatory Foreign Medical Graduate Examination [FMGE]. The National Board of Examination had intimated the Ministry of Health that 73 such medical graduates who did MBBS from foreign countries such as Russia, Ukraine, China and Nigeria during 2011-22 have not qualified its examination, but have yet got registration from various state medical councils. “Such fraudulent and fake registration by unqualified persons will be detrimental to the health and well-being of citizens. It has inter-state ramifications in health sector,” a complaint from Union Health Ministry to the CBI said.

In the first part of this story, Tehelka exposed a middleman admitting that he is into the business of getting the students clear the FMGE exam through paper leak and other unfair means, for which he charged money. The expose also featured a student who admitted that despite failing the FMGE exam, he not only practiced in a private hospital but continued to look for employment options in other hospitals in Delhi as well. In this second part of the report, Tehelka will expose more such students, who have done MBBS from Pakistan and Russia, and are practicing medicine in India, without clearing FMGE exam. Like the first part, we will not disclose their identity considering its possible fallout on their careers. Also at the time of doing this investigation, these students have not cleared FMGE, but are practicing medicine in some hospitals, with many of them aiming to get a break a hospital in Delhi.

In part one, we exposed Siraj [name changed], who told us about Sadia Khan, who has done MBBS from Pakistan and is now working in a hospital in Kashmir without clearing the FMGE. Siraj told us that he had also worked in the same hospital and is now looking for a job in Delhi. When Siraj was talking about his job in Delhi, he also recommended Sadia’s name for an opening in Delhi and gave us her number. Tehelka spoke to Sadia over phone posing as someone who can get her a job in Delhi without clearing FMGE exam. Sadia told Tehelka that students who have done MBBS from Pakistan require approval from the Indian government to appear in the FMGE exam. Since she has done MBBS from Pakistan, she is waiting for the approval from the Indian government to appear in the FMGE exam for the last one year.

Reporter – Okay. Doosra aapne ye NMC exam kyun nahi clear kiya?

Sadia – Sir uske liye hum wait kar rahe registration ke liye…clearance wo verification hoti hai na… wo verification government ne filhaal k liye band kar rakhi hai..usi ka wait kar rahe hain wo ho jati hain to NMC de sakti hoon.

Reporter – Verification matlab personally aapki.?

Sadia- Sab baccho ki.. hota kya tha pehle to 2-3 din mein verification ho jata tha.. par Pakistani k liye to zyada hi kuch kar rakha hai.

Reporter – Aapko kya lagta hai.. NMC mein aapko clearance nahi degi Indian Government?

Sadia – Ji sir mera ek friend hai.. XXXX uska naam hai.. usne abhi NMC diya hai.

Reporter – XXXXX  bhi pakistan se karke aaye hai?

Sadia – Ji ji sir..aur uska experience bahut acha hai..usney wahan par kiya hai internship uske baad wahan par ek cardio hospital mein ek saal kaam kiya hai.

Reporter- Usne kab diya MCI?

Sadia – Usne kal diya..kal uska paper tha.

Reporter – XXXXX ko kaise permission mil gayi MCI exam dene ki..?

Sadia – Sir mein wahi to bol rahi hoon ye jo logon ne myth bana rakha hai dimag ye jo Pakistani bachey hain jinhoney wahan MBBS kiya hai..unko yahan clearance nahi mil rahi sab jhooth hai.. clearance mil rahi hai..par ye sab slow process hai.

Reporter – Clearance kahan se leni padti hai..kashmir mein office hai iska.?

Sadia – Sir clearance Delhi se shuru ho jati hai..wahan se kashmir aati hai..phir wahan se wapas Delhi chali jati hai.

[While talking to Tehelka reporter in response to a fake offer of a job in Delhi, Sadia said that she has not yet cleared FMGE because she has not yet got permission from the Indian government to sit in the exam. She said that the process of granting clearance is slow in case of students who have done MBBS from Pakistan]

Sadia said she has done MBBS from Fatima Jinnah Medical University, Lahore, Pakistan, in 2020 and after completing her internship at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Lahore, Pakistan, she returned to Kashmir, India. Since then, she is working in a private hospital in Kashmir without getting registered with the National Medical Commission [NMC]. Now, she is looking for some new job opening in Delhi. Working without being registered with NMC is Sadia’s chilling confession of her crime to Tehelka.

Reporter – Aapne chodh diya xxxxx hospital Srinagar se?

Sadia – Sir wahan par mein haftey mein ek din jati hoon…only Monday day and night ke liye…beech mein chod diya tha to unko residents kam padh gaye they unhoney bola aap yahan par ek din de do…Monday or Tuesday…toh mein Monday day and night de deti hoon. Haftey mein ek din bas.

Reporter – Theek hai,.acha mujhe thoda sa brief kar dijiye apne baare mein kyunki aap se bahut pehley baat hui thi…to thoda aap bata dengi to mein bata dunga unko aapke baare mein

Sadia- Ji…ji.. unko bas yahi bataiyega ki isne..Pakistan Lahore se MBBS kiya hai Fatima Jinnah Medical University aur udhar bhi jo Ganga Ram hai…wahan uski house job hui hai….Lahore ka Ganga Ram hospital…house job ke baad mera 8 mahiney ka experience hai private hospital ka. aur house job matlab internship bhi complete hai.

Reporter – Aapka 8 mahine ka experience XXXXX hospital Srinagar ka hai?

Sadia – Haan wo XXXXX hospital Srinagar mein wahan se aakey maine XXXX hospital join kar liya tha

Reporter- Abhi bhi aap week mein ek din wahan jaati hain.?

Sadia – Ji ji week mein ek baar…waise unko mainey bol diya hai koi aur resident unko mil jayega to mein chodh dungi.

Reporter – Kitni salary draw kar rahi hain aap ?

Sadia – Ji – jab mein wahan do din karti thi to  who mujhe 35k tak de dete they.. accomodation, canteen wagairah sab wahin hota tha.

Reporter.. Week mein 2 din thee aap wahan?

Sadia – Mein 2 days kiya karti thi night nahi…lekin aajkal mein karti hoon 24 hour day and night.

Reporter – Ok

Sadia – Is baar mainey is mahiney se shuru kiya tha..jiska per day wo mujhe 3000 dengey per day ka…matlab 3000-3500 hazaar…jitney mere days banegey us hisab se wo mujhe de denge.

Reporter- Abhi aap kitna draw kar rahi hain.. in a month?

Sadia – Abhi unhoney mujhe day k hisab se diya hai…unhone kaha hai jitney din aap hamey dogi..matlab day and night milakar…day and night milakar unhoney mujhe 35 k kiya hua hai, accomodate.

[Sadia tells Tehelka reporter how she is working in a private hospital in Kashmir for the last eight months without bothering to get a licence from NMC]

Now, Sadia explained the responsibilities she is handling while working in a private hospital of Kashmir without clearing FMGE, and putting human lives to danger in the process.

Reporter – Abhi responsibility aapki xxxxx hospital mein kya hai Sadia ji?

Sadia – Sir responsibilities to wahan par jitni bhi OPD aati hain na..hamari day and night mein jo OPD aati hain unhey run kartey hain saath mein hum admit kartey hain patients ko wo work out kartey hain..pre OPD….phir rounds kartey hain.. jin patients mein complications aatey hain.. phir unhein treat kartey hain. wahan gynea k patients bahut hotey hain, ya surgeries hui, major- minor surgeries hoti hain, lab …ducting etc..wagaira mein to pre aur post follow up hum kar letey hain. jaisey wo aagey admit hongey unke jo bhi test karney hongey wo hum karwa detey hain, unki file banayengey…unki history le lengey phir uske baad post op k baad notes banaiyenge hum examination karengey. ..koi complication aati hai wo hum kar letey hain deal.

Reporter – Acha aap kisi senior doctor k saath xxxxx hospital mein rehti hain ya independently karti hain?

Sadia – Sir OPD to independently deal karti hoon, yahan pe Kashmir mein hospitals mein consultants jo hotey hain wo apna individual deal kar letey hain.unhe patients ko admit bhi karna hai, surgeries bhi karni hai..individually karte hain..lekin jo unki OPD hoti hai..apni hospital mein chahiye wo trauma case hoga,,,agar humse wo ho sakta hai to hum kar lenge…nahi to hum…. kar letey hain akele bhi run kar letey hain without consultant.

Reporter- Acha aap independently patients ko handle kar leti hain?

Sadia- Ji ji sir…appke pass kya hi aata hai…emergency mein koi patient pain k saath aayega, koi trauma ka hoga, koi dressing ke liya aayega, koi gastric pain k saath aayega un cheezon ko deal karna itna mushkil nahi hai.

Reporter – Medicine wagairah aap hi prescribe karti hain unko?

Sadia – Haan …maan lo koi high BP patient aayega..uska sister BP dekhegi.. higher BP ki bhi teen cheezen hoti hain..ek to bahut high aayega, ek mid mein aur ek bilkul dawa se theek ho jayega wo cheezein aati hain deal karna. agar itna koi issue nahi hai to.

Reporter – Theek hai…Abhi designation kya hai aapki,XXXX hospital mein.?

Sadia – Sir RMO  hoon mein. Resident doctor.

Reporter – Resident Medical Officer ?

Sadia – Haan Resident Medical Officer.

Reporter – Aur kitna time ho gaya aapko.. 8 months.?

Sadia- Ji sir..mainey June mein kiya tha join ..June se lekar abhi tak..

Reporter- June 2022?

Sadia.. Ji sir…

[Sadia told Tehelka about the responsibilities assigned to her by the hospital management and the kinds of patients she is handling at the Kashmir hospital.]

Now, Sadia speaks about the responsibilities she will be able to handle in a hospital in Delhi if she gets a job there.

Reporter – Aap yahan kya responsibility lena chahti hain. Delhi hospitals mein?

Sadia – Sir Delhi mein to bahut bade bade hospitals hotey hain wards mein..patients bhi admit karne hongey to karenge. Udhar ka to mujhe pata hi nahi hai kis tarah hota hai…but meri friends jo karti hain batati hain kafi senior doctors yahan hotey hain, kafi rush hota hai, phir wards mein jana padta hai, phir notes bananey padte hain..phir rounds karwana padta hai.. consultant ko sir wo cheez bhi aa jaati hain.

[Sadia told about the responsibilities she would be able to handle in a Delhi hospital.]

When asked if she found any difference between the medical education imparted in Pakistan and India,  Sadia said that standards of medical education in Pakistan are high but hastened to add that she doesn’t mean it is better than India.

Reporter – To Pakistan or India ki medical ki padhai mein aapne kya difference paya Sadia ji?

Sadia- Sir udhar ka Medical bahut accha hai..

Reporter- Matlab Pakistan ka zyada acha hai.?

Sadi a- Matlab mujhe wahan zyada mushkil laga pass karna..aur phir jab yahan select hue hi hum to yahi bolengey na..yahan itna competition hai…aur kashmiriyon k liye..shayad aapko bura lage..seats kam hain…hum bas aiwai hain…kashmir k hisab se mujhe pakistan ki padhai mushkil lagi.. shayad halaat aisey hain kashmir ke isliye.

[According to Sadia, quality of medical education in Pakistan is very good. She said she is saying this because she found it difficult to clear their exam. She said in India, she was not selected because of the tough competition aspiring medicos face here. Maybe if we compare it with Kashmir, medical education in Pakistan is tougher. Also, she bemoans the fact that there are very few seats for  Kashmiris in medical colleges]

Sadia by her admission of practicing in a hospital without being registered with the NMC proves how blatantly she is playing with the health of the patients. Similar admission was made by Siraj, in part one of this story, who proposed Sadia’s name for the job in Delhi. And now in part two, he says that he had four more non-NMC registered doctors, including himself, who are looking for  jobs in Delhi. Two of them have done MBBS from Pakistan.

Siraj- Unko kitne doctors chahiye?

Reporter – Kam se kam maan k chaliye 10-12.

Siraj- Agar non-MCI mangeyge..mere pass 4 ready hain.

Reporter – Ready hain..Delhi main hain?

Siraj – Wo ready hain aaney k liye…experience hai..internship sab hai.

Reporter – Kahin kaam bhi kar rahe hain?

Siraj – Ek to kar rahi hai yahan..Srinagar mein ek..dedh mahina ho gaya.

Reporter- Kar rahi hai. lady hai.?

Siraj – Mainey bhi wahan 15 din kaam kiya, 2 lady hain, 1 aur ladka hai mera aur ek main. Hum char hain. Dono ladkiyon ne Pakistan se kiya hai.

Reporter- Accha ladkiya dono Pakistan ki hain?

Siraj- Haan aur hum dono Bangladesh se.

Reporter- Aur charon (all 4) non-MCI?

Siraj- Haan.

Reporter- Ye teeno log kahan hai non-MCI wale

Siraj – Wo Kashmir mein hai.

Reporter –  Kaam kar rahe hai sab?

Siraj – Nahi – nahi ek kaam kar raha hai.

Reporter- Farzana? [Name changed ]

Siraj – Doosri Sadia.

Reporter- Doosri ka kya naam bataya aapney? Farzana, Sadia kaam kar rahi hai. Sadia bhi Pakistan se hai..kahan se hai.?

Siraj- Hmm, Lahore, jahan mein karta tha na kaam, mujhe wahi par mili, XXXXX Kashmir main.

[Siraj proposed Sadia and three other non-registered doctors’ names including himself for the job in Delhi. Presently Sadia is working in a private hospital in Kashmir, where Siraj had also worked earlier. Siraj said that he met Sadia in a hospital in Kashmir.]

Now Siraj made a startling revelation about some doctors who have done MBBS from Pakistan and are working in a hospital in Faridabad without clearing FMGE exam. However, Tehelka cannot verify the claim made by Siraj.

Reporter – Pakistan bhi kafi log jatey hain?

Siraj- Pakistan k non-MCI…XXXX hospital ye jo mainey aapko bataya Faridabad mein, 10-15 log wahan par kaam kar rahe hain.

Reporter – Pakistan k doctors.?

Siraj- Ji haan… ye jo mein bata raha tha do ladkiyan, inhi k friends , inhi k seniors.

Reporter – Pakistan se karke aaye hain?

Siraj – Yehi to masla hai na, inko clearance hi nahi detey. Matlab 100 log agar apply karengey clearance k liye, 10 ko milti hai. Clearance sirf baithney k liye MCI mein, pass to baad ki baat hai.

Reporter – Ye jo Axxxx mein kaam kar rahe hain, kitney hain wo?

Siraj – Bahut hain wo. Wo kya political issue hai .

Reporter – Kashmir k hongey sare log?

Siraj – Haan, kafi Kashmir ke hain.

Reporter – Pakistan mein kahan se kare hue hain sare log, Lahore?

Siraj – Different jagah se kartey hai. Lahore hai, Karachi hai. Islamabad.

Reporter – Ye wahan batatey hi nahi hongey non-MCI hain, hospital nahi batata hoga?

Siraj – Hospital nahi batata. Private mein chal jata hai.

Reporter – Aapko jaantey hain ye log jo Axxx mein kaam kar rahe hain?

Siraj – Inse aisey hi randomly baat hui.

[Siraj revealed to Tehelka that he knows some 10-15 Kashmiri doctors, who have done MBBS from Pakistan and are now practicing in a hospital in Faridabad without getting the required licence from NMC]

When asked how he would practice medicine in India if he fails to pass FMGE exams in future too, Siraj said he will do practice with some “jugaad” in India or will leave the country.

Reporter – Agar MCI kabhi clear hua hi nahi kisi ka to kaise practice karega?

Siraj – Aisey hi sab jugad karke kartey hain sab ya phir bahar chale jaatey hain.

[According to Siraj, the students who somehow fail to clear the FMGE hurdle, manage to do practice in India through some “jugaad” or they leave the country ]

That was Siraj and Sadia for you. With MBBS from Dhaka and Pakistan, respectively, they are practicing in India without clearing FMGE, putting human lives at risk. Tehelka then met Rajesh Sharma [name changed], another student who has done MBBS from Stavropol, Russia, and is  practicing in India despite failing to crack the FMGE exam even after several attempts. At the time of the Tehelka investigation, Rajesh had also failed the last FMGE exam conducted on 20th January, 2023. We met Rajesh posing as people who can fetch him a doctor’s job.

Reporter – Kahan k rehney waley hain aap.?

Rajesh – Madhya Pradesh ka,,, Jabalpur.

Reporter – Kahan se kiya aapney MBBS?

Rajesh- Russia se…Stavropol…

Reporter- Stavropol ..Russia mein koi jagah hai?

Rajesh- Haan haan hai na.

Reporter – Kab kiya MBBS ?

Rajesh- 2013 mein sir.

Reporter- 2013 mein complete kiya aapney?

Rajesh- 2013 mein mein complete karke aaya, 2014 se exam de raha hoon.

Reporter – Kaun sa exam?.

Rajesh – Apna jo foreign medical ka exam jo hota hai.

Reporter- MCI ka.?

Rajesh – Ji ji..

Reporte r- Abhi clear nahi kiya?

Rajesh – Abhi clear nahi kiya, de raha hoon.. is baar shayad ho jaye.

Reporter – Abhi aap MCI mein registered nahi hain?

Rajesh- Nahi.. nahi hain.

Reporter – Kitne saal ka tha ye MBBS

Rajesh – 6 years.

[Rajesh told us  that he is trying to clear FMGE since 2014, but has not succeeded yet. He has done MBBS from Stavropol, Russia and is presently looking for some job option, adds Rajesh]

Rajesh confessed on camera that without clearing FMGE exam he has worked in several prestigious hospitals of north India.

Rajesh- Mainey as a doctor XXXX hospital main kaam kiya hai, CCU mein, ye Raipur main hai sir.

Reporter- Madhya Pradesh. Oh Chattisgarh.

Rajesh – Ji

Reporter – Wahan par kitney saal kaam kiya?

Rajesh – Wahan par ek saal kaam kiya?

Reporter –  Kis jagah pe?

Rajesh – CCU main..

Reporter – CCU matlab ?

Rajesh – Cardiac care Unit…cardiac surgery hoti thi sir wahan pe,..ICU k patients hotey hain na sir wo CCU mein aatey hain. Unko CCU boltey hain. To wahi par mainey sir kaam kiya hai.

Reporter – Raipur mein?

Rajesh – Ji

Reporter – Ye MBBS karne k baad Russia se…?

Rajesh – Ji, mein aapko file send kar deta hoon….uske baad sir mein yahan par aaya…aisey hi temporary job kar raha tha.

Reporter – Kahan Delhi?.

Rajesh – Lekin uska sir mere pass ye nahi hai experience….experience nahi hai.. Delhi mein hi mein jo part time job kar raha tha na uska koi experience to koi deta nahi hai. Aapko to pata hi hai..

Reporter – Nahi xxxxx ka hai aapko experience?

Rajesh – XXXXX ka mil jayega sir aapko aur XXXXX ka mil jayega…XXXX abhi to mein yahan kar hi raha hoon, jab chodunga tab milega.

Reporter – xxxxxx k baad apne kahan kiya?

Rajesh – XXXX mein…neuro ka jo hospital hai …haan wahan 4 months kaam kiya hai .Mainey Covid k time par, as an RMO.

Reporter – RMO, Resident Medical Officer?

Rajesh – Ji.

Reporter – Kab se kab tak ?

Rajesh – Date to mujhe yaad nahi hai…last year Covid k time.

Reporter – Phir chodh kyun diya ?

Rajesh – Sir phir mujhe covid ho gaya..

Reporter – Ab theek hain aap?

Rajesh – Haan ab to theek hoon uskey baad mein ghar gaya, job chodhney k baad main ghar gaya, ghar janey k baad phir drugs liya apni..uskey baad mein wapas aaya hoon abhi 2-3 mahiney hi hue hai.

[Rajesh admitted that despite not clearing FMGE , he has worked in several hospitals of north India]

Rajesh now reveals that without clearing FMGE exam he is working in the central government project in Delhi, in place of other doctor, who has resigned and joined somewhere else, but requested him to substitute him.

Reporter- Ye Cxxxx Vxxxxx ka job aapka permanent nahi hai.?

Rajesh- Nahi hai. Main jab chahe chod sakta hoon, kyunki mein ek bande ki jagah bhi jata hoon, samjhe aap?

Reporter- Nahi.

Rajesh- Aapki job hai kahin permanent, aap boley bhai mere jagah chaley ja aaj,..aapka jo owner hai mainey ussey baat kar li ki aaj mein aa jaunga…aapke owner ne bola theek hai aaj aap chaley jaiye. Main chala gaya wahan pe.

Rajesh- CXXXXX VXXXX mein kisi aur ki duty hai wo chod diya hai CXXXXX VXXXX ko…usney chod diya hai usney XXXXX join kar liya hai Gurgaon mein. Uski salary bhi achi khasi hai wahan pe,wo bol raha hai tu yahan set ho ja, kahan, CXXXXX VXXXX mein, mainey kaha theek hai, jab mere pass hai hi nahi koi job, mainey kaha theek hai main kar leta hoon, to main kar raha hoon CXXXX VXXXX mein,…CXXXX VXXXX  ka jo advisor hai, inka boss matlab, medical walon ka boss hota hai, wo bola nahi unko bhejo, jo pehley doctor they unko bhejo.

Reporter- To unhoney to naukri chod di.

Rajesh- Haan unhoney to naukri chod di hai, lekin wo ab inke kehney par ja rahe hain, ab officially main hoonga wahan pe, lekin wo mere kaaran wahan jaatey hain, bas kabhi kabhi, baki time mein hi karta hoon.

[Rajesh told Tehelka that he is working in a central government project in Delhi, without clearing FMGE. That too on behalf of  some other doctor who has requested him to work at his place.]

Now, Rajesh reveales about the outsourcing business of some doctors. This involves licenced doctors taking over big under-construction government and private projects for health care needs of the labourers working on the site. The registered doctors, who are responsible for treating the workers if they receive any injury in a mishap at the site and for issuing fitness certificates to them, outsource their work through non-registered doctors like him. He admitted that he is part of such central government project. Registered doctors are awarded these projects for big sum, who, in turn, hire non-NMC doctors for very less salaries. This way, the former earn big profit, adds Rajesh.

Rajesh – Dekho ab mein aapko batata hoon. Government k jo project rehtey hain. Ye log inko hire kar letey hain, government k project private project, private hospital k ICU ka poora ye log hire kar letey hain sab…..jaisey aap registered ho, aapko mein bataonga ki kaisey hire karna hota hai, aap mujhe dogey 50K salary, aapke pass mahiney ka aayega 5 lakh, na mujhe bura lag raha hai , theek hai kaam chal raha hai mera, na aapko bura lag raha hai.

Rajesh- Aap registered ho.

Rajesh- Registered doctor hoon MCI se,…aapney contract le liya,…jaisey aapko contract nahi mil raha hai, mein kaam kar raha hoon, mere through aapney contract le liya….main ek example de raha hoon, personally nahi bol raha,…aapney contract le liya aapke pass 5 lakh mahiney k aa rahe hain, theek hai….aapko mujhe dena hai 50 K, nursing ko dena hai 25 K,…baki jo bacha wo aapki jeb mein,….mujhe 50K mein koi dikkat nahi hai, bas mein kaam kar raha hoon,…main aapke liye kaam kar raha hoon aur aap bethey bethey apney pass paise rakh rahe ho, kyun kyunki aapke pass registration hai.

Reporter- MCI ka..

Rajesh- Haan samajh gaye aap.

Reporter- Ok aap ye keh rahe hain, koi bhi bada project ho, jaisey CXXXX VXXXX ya XXXX hai, usko mein, MCI ka doctor hoon registered, mainey le liya.

Rajesh- Haan.

Reporter – Theek hai 5 lakh rupees mein.

Rajesh – Agar aapka contract nahi bhi hai, to jiska contract hai uskey through le liya.

Reporter – Aur mainey 2-3 unregistered doctor rakh liye, unko mein 50-50 k de raha hoon to 5 lakh mein se kitna kharach hua 1.50 lakhs only, 3.50 lakhs meri jeb mein jaa rahe hain.

Rajesh – Bas..yahi keh raha hoon mein. Exact.

Rajesh – Aisa hi chal raha hai…jis bande ka kaam hai, uska kam se kam 37 plus project chal rahe hain, 37+…uska mahiney ka hi turn over sir 10 ke upper hai,

Reporter-  Kaunse bande ka.?.

Rajesh- Wo bhi mere senior hi hain,…CXXXX VXXXX wala, XXXXX sir.

Reporter- Wo bhi doctor hain?

Rajesh – Ji haan,…actually exam unka ho gaya hai,…DNB family medicine se kar liya unhoney,…unka ye kya kahtey hain field work ka rehta hai, apney course ka matlab, apney medical walon ka jo course hota hai wo bhi hai unke pass, unhoney licence bhi banwa rakha hai, to wo contract bhi le letey hain,… ye cheez hai.

Reporter- To ab ye Cxxxxx Vxxxx ka project bhi aisa hi chal raha hai?

Rajesh- Haan abhi unke pass hi hai.?

Reporter- Kinke pass ?

Rajesh- Jinka mainey abhi naam bataya ,XXXXX sir.

Reporter- Accha unke pass hai CXXXXX VXXXX ka.?

Rajesh- Haan…unke pass ek nahi hain 37 chal rahe hain…37

Reporter – Sardar hain kya..?

Rajesh- Nahi- nahi sardar nahi hain, wo yahan se hain Haryana se,…haan MCI sab hai unke pass…PNB hai family medicine.

Reporte r- 37 projects hain unke pass.?

Rajesh- 37 +…baaki to mujhe bhi pata nahi?

Reporter – Kartey kya hain ye log ?

Rajesh- Jaisey mainey bataya,…contract le liya…medical ka wahan ka contract le liya, agar koi dikkat hui to hamara medical ka banda baitha hai, private hospitals k ICU ka project bhi unke pass hai.

[Rajesh revealed about the outsourcing business of some of the registered doctors. As per the modus operandi, some registered doctors are contracted for the health care part of the big under-construction government and private projects, and who, in turn, hire the non registered doctors for low salaries. The registered doctors make a killing in this way, adds Rajesh]

Like other non-registered doctors, Rajesh also paid money to the middleman in order to clear the FMGE exam through unfair means. But despite that he failed to get through.

Rajesh – Sir main cheez wahi to hai, jugad hi nahi kiye na is cheez pe, jugad to bahut log boltey hain ki hamarey pass hai, lekin wo exact hona chahiye na…mainey aaj de diya 15 lakh rupees, ab banda karwa hi nahi paya, mere to paise doob gaye na, matlab doobb hi gaye, wo bolta rahega mein de dunga, magar dega thodi hi….wo nahi aatey hain sir.

Reporter – Paisa advance letey hain?

Rajesh – Kuch advance letey hain kuch poora kaam karwaney k baad letey hain.

Reporter – Aisey log pakdo na jo paisa kaam honey ka baad letey hain.

Rajesh- Pakde hain aisey log bhi..par har baar kaam ho hi nahi pa raha. 2-3 baar ho gaya

abhi tak.

Reporter- To baad waley mein kya dikkat hai, wo nahi karwa pa raha.

Rajesh- Koshish mein to lage hain wo log.

Reporter- Kitna paisa mang raha hai.?

Rajesh – 22 lakh.

Reporter – 22 lakh FMG clear karwaney ka….aapney final kar diya?

Rajesh – Mainey final kar diya, mainey cheque bhi de diya.

Reporter – 22 lakh ka?

Rajesh – 23 ka.

Reporter – Kyun 1 lakh zyada kyun?

Rajesh – 1 lakh inke liye….jo bande karwa rahe hain….enjoy karo.

Reporter – Phir bhi nahi hua..

Rajesh – Kaam hi nahi hua na…kaam ho jata to mein doosrey hi din de deta…

Reporter- Cheque wapas aa gaya?

Rajesh- Haan cheque, weque sab wapas aa gaye.

[Rajesh admitted that he paid money to the middleman for helping him to get through the FMGE. But despite that he has not been able to crack the exam.]

Tehelka’s two-part investigation has established how foreign medical graduates in the country are practicing medicine without clearing FMGE. And how some middlemen keep them interested through their promise to have them clear the FMGE hurdle through unfair means, which is against the norms, illegal, and amounts to playing with people’s lives. Hope this investigation report will help nail such bogus doctors and middlemen.