mast41Harshvardhan Kadam  on Art
Invader, the French artist, has managed to associate his name and personality to a simple icon: the little monster from the old school Nintendo game, Space Invaders. He takes the same pattern, produces it in mosaics and sticks it on walls all over the world. Simple yet exciting, you can tell who is behind the icon at once, when you see it. I like the aesthetics of a computer game, made out of grids and the intervention that Invader creates in the public space. His work in Varanasi particularly stands out.
Kadam is a Pune-based Street artist and book illustrator 

sth41Ambika Ananth  on Books
As a teenager caught in the ethnic war in Bosnia in the 90s, Bojana Blagojevic uses the emancipatory power of poetry to pen a very compelling war memoir, Story of One Heart. The verses narrate the horrific realities and heartache of a girl whose hopes are shattered. Though filled with death and destruction, this book is close to me for its transcendental quality of the poet turning into the poem.
Ananth is a Bengaluru-based poet 

music41Shenjit Basu on Music 
The Raconteurs is one of the few bands who took up the challenge to produce refreshing music in this century. Formed in 2005, they are an alternative/indie rock band fronted by the versatile Jack White, who is also known as one part of the White Stripes duo. Of the two albums released till date, I would suggest Consolers of the Lonely, as it is the perfect example of their experimental techniques, be it the folky sound of Old Enough or the crazy guitar tone in Many Shades of Black

Basu is one half of the acoustic duo, Mukul and Shenjit 

fm41Brahmanand S Siingh on Film 
I am all praises for Polish filmmaker Krzysztof Kieslowski’s mini series The Decalogue, based on the Ten Commandments. The fifth and sixth of the series were turned into longer feature films. I like the way he treats the subject and what he makes out of it — powerful visuals. Kieslowski makes you think and question, but without judgement. His creation of sounds in particular is wonderful — a man in the car falls dead on the wheel causing a continuous honking, making it sound like a train passing by. 

Siingh is a Mumbai-based award-winning filmmaker 

Dhruv Oberoi on food
I like to hang out at Guppy by ai in Lodhi Colony, a contemporary Japanese bar and kitchen with bold and striking flavours. Most dishes, from mains to the condiments are made from scratch in the kitchen. There is clever use of origami and metal for lighting; and a charming courtyard with a tall frangipani tree reaching for the skies. My favourite dishes include the chashu ramen (homemade egg noodles in a pork and soy broth, simmered over fire for 72 hours); tiger prawn tempura udon or soba; and modern sushi made of sakura smoked salmon nigiri with oba pesto.
Oberoi is a sous chef at Olive Bar & Kitchen, Mehrauli