mastertake1Bose Krishnamachari on Art

I would recommend the Rock Garden of Chandigarh, created by the self-taught artist Nek Chand, as my favourite piece of art and architecture. The sculptures there are made with waste materials and recycled objects. These waste materials are more than just scrap yard junk; they helped Chand create beautiful art and architecture. There is nothing called waste, really, and whatever we consider trash is actually great material for artists. Another such architect, Wang Shu, has a style similar to that of Nek Chand’s. He turns old buildings into modern marvels of architecture.

Krishnamachari is a Mumbai-based artist

master_bookJayanti Anubhav on Books

The Calcutta Chromosome is a timeless masterpiece by the literary genius Amitav Ghosh. If one knows the art of storytelling, one can make even malaria-carrying parasites interesting. A medical thriller, but extremely enchanting with its mystical elements, the story is set in Calcutta. The first few pages require patience, but once the story starts unfolding, it leaves you gasping for breath.

Anubhav is a Mumbai-based novelist

samrahUddipan Sarmah on Music

Tim Palmer, a British music producer, audio engineer and song-writer, has delivered masterpieces with his passion, talent and technical abilities. His discography includes legends like Pearl Jam, Ozzy Osbourne, Robert Plant, David Bowie, U2, Goo Goo Dolls, to name a few. Tim’s reach also spreads to India with his fine and detailed work for Indus Creed’s album Evolve and Grasshopper’s Mirrors of the Mind. For all music aspirants, there’s a lot to learn from this legend behind the console.

Sarmah is a Gujarat-based Music Producer

Malini Mago on Food

Earlier, if someone would have told me, let’s have Bihari food, I’d have raised an eyebrow at them. But The Potbelly Rooftop Cafe is special. It is a quaint little café in the middle of Shahpur Jat, New Delhi, with a lovely balcony surrounded by greenery and decked up with lanterns. The setting is perfect for a peaceful winter lunch. Its kitchen serves amazing Bihari delicacies, all of which I had never eaten prior to discovering this place. Some of my favourites are litti chicken, keema aloo chop and the Bihari burger. Also, the climb up three stories to the café is a real appetite builder.

Mago is the founder of and baker at the Chocolate Cause

master_filmGovind Narayan on Film

The dialogue-heavy The Man from Earth is a welcome change from regular sci-fi. The plot unfolds at the farewell party of the protagonist, Oldman, who is retiring as a professor. He reveals that he is a 14,000 yearold cave man, who has not aged. He recounts his life, Stone Age onwards, with encounters with Columbus, Van Gogh, Buddha and Christ. His colleagues, experts in their fields, spiral between belief and disbelief. Written by Jerome Bixby, directed by Richard Schenkman, the film works due to strong performances and a solid story line.

Narayan is a Delhi-based filmmaker