Kripa Joshi on Art
Amruta Patil, India’s first published female graphic novelist brings us her second novel Adi Parva, an impressive 250-plus pages! The book is “via” Amruta rather than “by” her because it is just the latest incarnation of the Mahabharata. The book is illustrated with a mixture of drawings, paintings, collage and mixed-media. While the sections with the storyteller are in black-and-white, the stories she weaves are in brilliant colour. There is a story within a story kind of feel to the book. It is a fascinating read, whether you are being reintroduced to the stories or discovering them for the first time.
Joshi is the creator of the Miss Moti comics 
bookShiv Ramdas on Books
The Earthsea series by Ursula Le Guin is one of the most genre-defining pieces of literature ever written, so much so that many of the most popular aspects of some of the biggest contemporary bestsellers are devices that Le Guin first created. The Academy of Magic at Roke for one, or the concept of true names and magic being based on the inherent meanings of words- it was Le Guin who first came up with all of it- for Earthsea. And then there’s the story and the style, both of which are sublime. All in all, this is a must-read for any fan of speculative fiction.
Ramdas is the author of Domechild
[box]musicNischay Parekh on Music
Alan Hampton is a wonderful multi-dimensional musician. He can be found playing bass with the likes of Robert Glasper and Gretchen Parlato when he’s not writing and recording some of the best pop music of this generation. His album The Moving Sidewalk is a modern classic. Also, Luke Temple is one of my favourite living songwriters. His lyrics and music work harmoniously together to create magic.
Parekh is a singer and songwriter based in Kolkata 
Ankur Kapoor on Filmankur
Perfect Sense is the story of a chef and a scientist as they witness the end of the world, strangers who form a desperate romantic connection in the face of an apocalyptic epidemic that robs people of their sensory perceptions. Directed by David Mackenzie, the film is one of the most crafty but underrated master pieces produced in the last decade. Eva Green and Evan McGregor are perfectly cast and the score by Max Richter is spectacular. If you appreciate films like Children of Men, this is the film you would definitely want to watch.
Kapoor is a Delhi-based filmmaker and visual artist

Reeta Skeeter on Food
Diva Kitsch offers an unusual view of Delhi, with glass panes overlooking the Defence Colony flyover. The bouquets of decorative flowers on the stairs lead you to the dining space decorated with eclectic curios. Pick from a carefully selected array of innovative takes on pan-Asian fare, conceived by celebrity chef Ritu Dalmia. Begin with Vietnamese rolls served with nahm jim. For the mains order young jackfruit curry with fresh red chilli served with rice noodles or the roti bawang. Their udon noodles in a mushroom broth redefine comfort food. The excellent service is the cherry on top.
Skeeter is a food blogger based in Delhi