Master Takes

Compiled by Aradhna Wal

Big guns Shooting into the Corner by Anish Kapoor

Anant Kumar Mishra on Art
I quite like Anish Kapoor’s work. I first saw it when it was displayed at the National Gallery of Modern Art in New Delhi, in 2010. This Indian-born British sculptor engages very scientifically with his work, which I think is the most important factor. Art is a very powerful medium in today’s world, and people need to be involved in the debate over its importance. His work draws people into this debate. He uses various mediums and materials, most recently, reflective surfaces that distort the nature of images surrounding them. He also incorporates very Indian elements in his creations.
Mishra Is A Delhi-Based Artist
The Newsroom MafiaRonald Malfi on Books
I enjoyed Oswald Pereira’s The Newsroom Mafia very much. The novel deals with the unspoken alliance between journalists and crooked politicians in India and how it prohibits true journalistic freedom. It’s a daring and personal book that reads like a political thriller. The author was a journalist for many years, and the sub-plots are reportedly based on first-hand experience.

‘It deals with the alliance between journalists and crooked politicians in India’

Malfi Is The Author Of The Canyon Of Souls

New order Gotye

Shikhar Manchanda on Music
Australian musician Gotye has a very unique way of writing his music and lyrics. It shows in the pattern of the song structure. He makes it sound very new. There is a powerful yet sober touch to his music, and his lyrics come from honest emotion. My favourite song is Hearts a Mess. It allows me to make my own story out of its words.
Manchanda Is The Guitarist Of The Mumbai-Based Band Reverrse Polarity
A still from The Circle
The never-ending story A still from The Circle

Onir on Film
The Circle is a riveting film by Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi. It portrays Iranian women trapped by their society and the little rules that dictate their everyday lives. The story works like a relay. One woman’s narrative leads to another’s. These women have been deprived of basic dignities and the simple things in life; equal rights are a far cry for them. The film refrains from being obviously political, yet has been banned in Iran. It is very poignant and very dark. There is no hope in the end. It is a vicious cycle where one woman’s story intersects the others, but they are never complete.
Onir Is The Director Of My Brother Nikhil And I Am
Praveen Tushir On Food
I’d definitely recommend Q’Ba Restaurant and Bar. The USP of this place is the ambience and the location. It is located in Inner Circle, Connaught Place, one of the most visited spots in Delhi. Their multi-cuisine spread includes Italian, Mexican, Oriental and Indian food. My favourite is the Thai menu. Try the Thai green chicken curry rice. It has just the right coconut flavouring. The restaurant is split into three sections, a two-sided open terrace, a fine-dining section and, my favourite spot, a lounge with a Q-shaped bar, that serves all types of international liquor. It adds to the profile and quality of the place.

Tushir Is The Manager Of @live Bar & Restaurant, New Delhi