Exclusive- Manipur people believe that I am being paid by CM: Rohan

It was November 2017, on Diwali day when Rohan Philem, a 26 years old boy from Manipur got the idea to travel Indian cities on Cycle to create awareness in the country on different issues. Without any delay Rohan in January, 2018 set for his first cycling expedition called “Pollution Free India” from Delhi to Imphal. It took 30 days for Rohan to complete this journey. It was a successful journey, which made Rohan Philem a cyclist star in India, with almost all the leading media organizations of the country covered Rohan with title “Manipur Cyclist”. Since than Rohan has not looked back. He has done numbers of cycling expeditions since then on different subjects. The important one was from Jammu to Uttar Pradesh’s Greater Noida to raise funds for soldiers killed in Pulwama. It took nine days for Rohan to complete this journey. Rohan’s another famous expedition is when he cylces across India to feed the poor during pandemic. When violence broke out in Manipur, Rohan was in Bengaluru  as a motorcyclist, with the message of peace and raise funds for disabled people. He also urged Bengaluru residents to help people living in relief camps in Manipur following ethnic violence. Rohan is also known for opening a First North-East Deaf Community restaurant in Imphal with the name “Voice”. When Rohan was in class 2nd his parents got separated. His father died when he was in class 12th. So he grew up of orphanage background. According to Rohan, he was supported by the church and that’s how he was converted into Christianity from Hinduism. Today Rohan Philem with his NGO “Cycling For Humanity” is on a different mission. He is traveling across India to educate  misled Christian community  who think that in Manipur Christians and Hindus are at war. Rohan says in Manipur Hindus and Christians are not at war.  Neither RSS is involved in the violence as many Christians think. During his ongoing mission Rohan Philem Exclusively spoke to Tehelka in Delhi. The excerpts of his edited Interview are given below.

Q1. Who is responsible for present violence in Manipur ?

After speaking to both Metei and Kuki. After considering all religious angles. And after considering all angles. I came to a conclusion that drug mafia is responsible for the present violence in Manipur. Biren Singh government targeted Kuki’s  illegal poppy cultivation. I myself went to Kuki’s poppy cultivation fields to destroy them. After this Kuki started playing minority, Tribal and Christian card.

Q2. Who is more against you, Kuki or Meitei ?

If I go in the Kuki area, I won’t come alive. They don’t see me as Christian. They see me as Meitei. I am a Meitei christian still living safely amongst them. This is the reason why pastors houses are been burnt by Kuki. 200-300 Meitei Christians houses were burnt in Churachandpur Kuki dominated area.

Q3. Is this Hindu v/s Christian war in Manipur ?

Kuki are Christian, despite that they attacked converted Meitei Christian Churches. Hindu Metei on the other hand have attacked Kuki Churches. So when Kuki attacking converted Meitei Christian Churches mean Christian attacking Christian have nothing to do with religion. So European Union cannot say it is a Hindu-Christian war.

Q4. Why did you embraced Christianity ?

I was Metei Hindu. When I was in class 2nd  my mother got divorced. When I was in class 12th, my father died. I grew up of orphanage background. I was supported by the Church and that’s how I converted to Christianity.

Q5. How you are managing fund to run your NGO and cycle expeditions ?

I endorse brands. I approaches NGO for funds. I do fund raising through crowd funding etc. I use the amount for my NGO and some for managing myself. Sometime people get my air ticket booked, sometime my hotel booked. Sometime they give me 5k to 10k in cash when I meet them.

Q6. What are your future plans ?

I have to go to Mumbai, Kerala, Chennai etc to meet as many Christians leaders as possible, and will tell them that it is not a Hindu-Christian war in Manipur as many mislead Christian think. And RSS is also not involved in the violence.

Q7. After this people will say that you are being paid by Biren Singh ?

This fake allegation on me is already on since long. People say that I have being paid by the CM. Some Christian when I approached them called me RSS agent, paid by them.

Q8. I have heard lots of stories that forced conversions is happening in Manipur ? I have also heard that some pastors are running an agenda . After converting five people into Christianity they ask for money from the higher authority, that is Church council, that they have converted five people so they should be paid now.