Mandsaur gang rape: 2 awarded death sentence, trial done in under 2 months

In less than two months, a special Court in Mandsaur on August 21 awarded death penalty to two accused Irfan and Asif in Mandsaur gang rape.

The duo has been awarded death penalty for abducting and raping a seven-year-old girl on June 26. The men raped her, tortured her and then finally slit her throat. The crime had shocked the country and sparked violent protests.

The men were caught within 24 hours of the incident after police examined the photographs and CCTV footage.

“Today I can say that my heart is satisfied,” Chief Minister Shivraj Chouhan said while commenting on the death penalty awarded to two culprits of Mandsaur gang rape.

“This is the sixth death in a month is a record. The credit of this sentence goes to prosecution and police,” said Rajendra Kumar, director general of public prosecution.

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Chouhan also confirmed that a total of 13 individuals till date have been sentenced to death in connection with the raping of minor girls in the state.

Addressing the media Chouhan said, “As per the provisions to penalise such culprits with the harshest of punishment, 13 people have so far been sentenced to death.”

Madhya Pradesh was the first state to announce a law to award death penalty to individuals accused in rape of minor girls. The law awards the death penalty to rapists of girls below the age of 12. It was unanimously passed in the state assembly in December 2017.

Speaking on the steps being taken to put a stop to such incidents in the future, Chouhan said, “On one hand, we are imparting lessons and inculcating the right values, and on the other hand, strict punishments, a culmination of the two will help us prevent such incidents from happening.”