Maharashtra on third position in the overall Health Index of NITI Aayog

Mumbai: Maharashtra secured third position with 63.99 points from the country, in overall health index declared by policy commission. The Commission released the health index of all state and union territory states of India. Maharashtra was on sixth position in 2015.

This index are designed to motivate the states in the direction of transforming the health sector.

According to this index, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra are the best in the country.
In collaboration with World Bank and Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry, NITI Aayog has prepared a ‘Healthy State, Progressive India Report’ on the basis of information of 2017-18. Based on the information collected in this advertisement, the number of 21 big states, 8 small states and seven Union Territories states of the country has been classified for coefficient. In large states, Kerala remained at number one with 74.01 points while Maharashtra secured 63.99 points and jumped from sixth position to third position in this report, 21 major states have been divided into three layers based on merit.

States that have been ranked above 58.88 are considered as the foremost states and these 10 states included Maharashtra. The states receiving the marks between 43.74 to 58.88 are
included in the ‘achievable states’ category and states receiving marks below 43.74 are included in the ‘Aspiring States’ category.

Decrease in child mortality rates and mortality rate of newborns in Maharashtra
The report states that Maharashtra has remained the dominant among the states which decreased the rate of deaths of children under the age of five years and the death rate of new born children. According to 2015, the death rate for children below the age of 5 years was 24 in 1000 children. According to the 2016 data, this ratio has decreased to 21 in 1000 babies.

Children from birth to 28 days are considered as newborn babies. According to the report, the birth rate ratio in the state is stable. As of 2015, the birth rate was 1.8 and. According to the 2016 data, the birth rate ratio is stable on 1.8.

Increase in organizational delivery

There has been an increase in institutional delivery in Maharashtra, which has resulted in declining child death rate. According to the report, according to 2015-16 data,
organizational delivery ratio was 85.3. According to the data from 2017-18, the proportion of organizational deliveries increased to 89.8 %.

Availability of District Medical Officers is significant

District Health Officer of the State is required to get sufficient time for effective implementation of the schemes and programs of the Health Department at the district level.
In Maharashtra, the state’s situation improved and according to the 2013-16 data of the Chief District Medical Officer, the stability period was 15.6. According to 2015-18, it has increased by 17.4 %.