Maharashtra: Distribution of Neem trees, registered in Guinness Book of World Records

“The „Swachh wari- Swasth Wari- Nirmal Wari –Harit wari‟ campaign is important for maintaining the balance of the nature. The efforts taken by the national service scheme (NSS) students for making the record of distribution, planting and caring of the Neem saplings(Azadirachta Indica) and registering it with Guinness Book of World Record had brought the name of India on the global map. All those who have participated in this campaign had created history”, said Chief Minister
Devendra Fadnavis.

The „Swachh Wari -Swasth Wari- Nirmal Wari- harit wari‟ program was jointly
organized by the Maharashtra government national service scheme (NSS) division and Savitribai Phule Pune University in join collaboration at the Pune University Campus.

Speaking further, the Chief Minister said that the pilgrimage to Pandharpur
“Pandharpur Chi Waari” is an unprecedented festival in the history of the entire world. This pilgrimage has a tradition of 700 years. People from all walks of life and various parts of the nation come here without any invitation to visit Panduranga.

Mr Fadnavis said that the work undertaken by the NSS students for assisting the Warkari is really a good move and they are going to play important role in this social activity. The Chief Minister congratulated the students of NSS for making the record
of planting the Neem sapling and taking care of them so that they survive. They also made record with the Guinness book. He said-
“Baaz ki asli Udaan abhi baaki hai…… Tumhare iradon Ka Imtihan Abhi Baki
Hai…. Abhi to naapi Hai hai Mutthi Bhar Zameen Tumne……. Abhi to pura Aasman Baki Hai”.