Lockdown a pause button, not solution to fight COVID-19: Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday said a lockdown is like a pause button, but not a solution to fight Coronavirus. He recommended that the government should go for testing “aggressively and strategically”.

Addressing a press meet via video-conferencing, Rahul said, “When we come out of lockdown, virus will start its work again. So, it’s important that we have a strategy to come out of lockdown.”

“Lockdown allows time and space to put in medical resources: ramp up testing abilities, prepare hospitals, get ventilators. In no way does a lockdown defeat the virus, it helps only to stop the virus for some time. Biggest weapon against virus is testing,” said Congress leader.

“Push testing aggressively, maximise testing and use it strategically. Use testing to assist states in their fight, not just to track patients but to see where virus is moving,” he said.

“We are in an emergency situation now. So, all of India needs to fight this together. We have to work not by adopting weak methods but with a strategy,” Rahul said.

Former Congress President said, “It is important to focus on the strategy after lockdown. What will be the strategy for testing? How will you prepare PHC and hospital? Because, the cases will increase after lockdown. Action should not be delayed.”

Rahul also suggested that there should be two zones in India – hotspot and non-hotspot.

“Create two basic zones in India- a hotspot zone and a non-hotspot zone. Use testing to identify hotpsots, so you can monitor the minute a zone becomes a hotspot and you can clamp down,” he said.

While talking about the migrant crisis, the Wayanad MP said certain mistakes were made with the sudden lockdown which created a problem.

“The Central Govt should have a strategy on how to solve the migrant issue with the States. I have told my Chief Ministers to handle this situation with extreme care and gentleness,” he said.

Gandhi said all political parties and people of India should work together to solve the problem and defeat this virus.