Leave Jawaharlal Nehru memorial complex undisturbed, Manmohan Singh write to PM Modi

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh wrote a strongly worded letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking him to leave the Jawaharlal Nehru memorial complex in Delhi “undisturbed” out of respect for history and heritage.

Singh claimed that the BJP-led NDA government is pursuing an “agenda to change the character and nature” of the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library (NMML) and the Teen Murti complex.

According to the reports, Singh in his letter further asserts that “Jawaharlal Nehru belongs not only to the Congress but to the entire nation”.

In the letter sent last week, Singh further pointed out that during late Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s tenure “no attempt was made to change the character and nature of the NMML and the Teen Murti complex”. But for the current government of India that seems to be part of the agenda now.”

Singh urged PM Modi to keep Teen Murti as a memorial to our first Prime Minister Pandit Nehru and leave the Teen Murti complex undisturbed, as a mark of respect to both history and legacy. Singh also wrote that the museum itself must retain its key focus on Nehru and the freedom struggle because of his unique role having spent almost ten years in jail between the early 1920s and mid-1940s.