Kashmiri people hold anti-Pak protest in PoK against exploitation of natural resources

Massive anti-Pak protests erupted in different places across Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) demanding an end to the exploitation of natural resources by Islamabad.

Kashmiri people in Muzaffarabad hit the streets asking Pakistan to stop diverting the waters of the Neelum River to Punjab Province.

Protestors shouted slogans against Water and Power Development Authority.

Protest took place in wake of Pakistan depriving the people of Muzaffarabad by driving the freshwater of Neelum River through an elaborate scheme to Punjab Province leading to drying up the river in the middle of the monsoon season.

Protestors in large numbers took to streets all across Muzaffarabad against government’s latest move to take away even the most basic right from the Kashmiri people who live under its occupation.

“Depleting water resources will impact our lives as the river will become dry. The residents will face acute water shortage and everything will be destroyed. We have travelled from Rawalpindi to Muzaffarabad to get this issue resolved. This is very unfortunate,” a protestor said.