‘Kashmir internal matter’, Violence in valley instigated and supported by Pakistan: Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday issued a clarification to clear the air on Congress’s stand on Kashmir. He asserted that while he disagreed with the government on a number of matters but wanted to make it clear that Kashmir is an internal matter, with no scope for any interference from Pakistan or any other country.

He further said that violence in Jammu and Kashmir is instigated by Pakistan.

“I disagree with this Govt. on many issues. But, let me make this absolutely clear: Kashmir is India’s internal issue & there is no room for Pakistan or any other foreign country to interfere in it,” Rahul said in a tweet.

“There is violence in Jammu & Kashmir. There is violence because it is instigated and supported by Pakistan which is known to be the prime supporter of terrorism across the world,” he added.