Karnataka Deputy CM says Police will take action if people continue Kiki Challenge

In wake of a couple of incidents Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister G. Parameshwara while taking a firm stand against the viral ‘In My Feelings’ challenge – also known as the ‘Kiki’ challenge said that police will take strict actions against those people, who will continue the “dangerous” stint in the state.

Deputy CM said, “It’s very dangerous. We would not like to see young people dying on the streets. That’s why we want to discourage this. It is not in conformity with the law. So, we have advised them not to do this, but if they continue, the police will take action.”

Kiki is basically an internet challenge which was thrown by Canadian rapper Drake, which involves jumping out of a moving car and then dancing alongside it to his song ‘In My Feelings’.

“We have nothing against social media fads as long as they don’t become a public nuisance and put the lives of people at risk. Don’t take up challenges on roads, which can harm you as well as others. Parents should sensitize their children about these dangers & keep a close watch,” tweeted Deputy CM Parameshwara.

While warning people against performing the Kiki challenge on roads Bengaluru police tweeted, “BCP’s Kiki: If you dance for #KikiChallenge on the roads, we’re sure of making you dance behind the bars!! Kiki Challenge may get you a KICK OF LAW not KICK OF DANCE #InMyFeelings or #InOurJail #KikiChallenge.”