Karisma launches new Ponds brand

You don’t always need a gown or an LBD to set temperatures soaring. Kapoor showed us with her red lips and her chic well fitted dress. Kapoor accentuated her look well. She was right here to talk about the endorsed product. A thing that Karisma is proud of is being a Punjabi.  Asking about her journey in Bollywood she recalls about her first film, Prem Quaidi which was released 4 days before she turned 14.  

Today’s women are strong, confident and are changing the world. With their fast paced and exhilarating life, their skin is also changing and ageing radically differently. Combined with the increasingly harsh environment, the skin is losing its ability to renew itself fast and accelerating the early signs of ageing. Designed to counter these new age skin problems, The Pond’s Institute has created the New Pond’s Age Miracle that works nonstop on the skin.

At an event in Chandigarh, actress and Pond’s brand ambassador Karisma Kapoor revealed that the new Pond’s Age Miracle is a product that suites perfectly for her lifestyle and skincare needs.

It’s a pleasure to be onboard with an iconic skincare brand like Pond’s. It’s a brand that has always been around and has become synonymous with skincare.  I’m especially proud to represent a portfolio like the Pond’s Age Miracle. In today’s fast paced world, we all need skincare solutions that help us lead our non-stop lifestyle on the go.”, says Karisma.

 The gorgeous brand ambassador for Pond’s, Karisma Kapoor introduced the New Pond’s Age Miracle range in a meet greet with the media at The Lalit in Chandigarh today. Karisma spoke about her non-stop lifestyle and the need for cutting edge skincare products that can address her skin concerns. Karisma stressed on the importance of a good skincare regime and how that with age and changing lifestyle, using the right products is very important.

Karisma said, “A lot of things here and there keep changing as we grow older of course. The need of our skin keeps evolving, but I have always followed a 3 step process that hasn’t changed over the years. Cleansing, exfoliation and moisturization. What has changed is the type of products I use, like now I’m more conscience and I know that my skin needs a good cream like the new Pond’s Age Miracle that has a Retinol-C complex. Ingredients are very important. The Retinol-C works 24 hours non-stop on my skin and it has visibly shown a difference.”