JPC required in Adani issue as corporate-political nexus exists: Congress

New Delhi:  The Congress on Thursday said that a joint parliamentary committee is required in the Adani-Hindenburg report as there is political-corporate nexus in the whole issue and only the JPC can probe the scam.

Jairam Ramesh, Congress General Secretary, said, “It is an exercise initiated by the two principal actors…the government and the Adani group… to cover up, avoid, evade and bury all genuine scrutiny.”

He said that the proposed committee is a part of a carefully orchestrated exercise by these vested interests to prevent any real investigation into the Adani group’s relationship with the ruling regime.

“This is supported by the fact that the Solicitor General suggested, as per news reports, that the government will give the names for the committee in a sealed cover, for the consideration of the Supreme Court, ” he said.

He said that the nature of these allegations, the link between Adani and the ruling regime is examined in the full light of day by elected officials accountable to the public.

He said on February 13, the bench of the Supreme Court while hearing petitions on the Adani-Hindenburg matter, discussed the creation of a committee of experts to examine the regulatory regime post the Adani-Hindenburg expose.

“An evaluation of the regulatory and statutory regime by experts is in no manner equivalent to an investigation by a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC). Such a committee, however competently staffed, cannot be a substitute for a thorough investigation into the political-corporate nexus that has come to light in the last two weeks. It simply does not have the authority, resources, or jurisdiction to examine the issues that the Opposition has raised.

“If the Prime Minister and his government are to be held accountable, any committee other than a JPC will be nothing but an exercise in legitimisation and exoneration, ” he added.