Jammu Kashmir records 31% reduction in fire incidents this year

Jammu and Kashmir has witnessed a 31% reduction in fire incidents this year, according to Alok Kumar, the Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) of Fire and Emergency Services (F&ES).

From August 2022 to July 2023, the region saw a significant decline in fire-related emergencies, with only 4,000 incidents reported compared to the previous year’s 59,000.

The reduction can be attributed to the efforts of F&ES, which organized 28,000 fire awareness events across multiple locations in Jammu and Kashmir. As part of these initiatives, over three lakh individuals were trained in fire safety and prevention measures.

To further enhance fire safety, the F&ES is devising a plan to equip every household with a trained firefighter. This approach will enable residents to respond quickly and effectively to fire incidents before professional firefighters arrive on the scene. The training efforts extend even to students, with Class 10th students receiving instruction on fire suppression techniques.

ADGP Alok Kumar also stressed the importance of providing immediate first aid to individuals injured during fire incidents. Trained F&ES personnel are prepared to administer initial first aid to ensure the preservation of precious lives until the injured party can receive advanced medical treatment at a hospital.