Intersolar India to organize three day exhibition on solar energy in Bengaluru

Intersolar India is organizing a three-day exhibition and conference event on its 10th Anniversary in Bengaluru. The event will open on 11th December, where over 300 exhibitors will participate and highlight their products and innovations at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre. 

The solar industry in India has been rapidly growing in the past five years. 10 GW of solar was added in 2017 and the total installed capacity now stands at 26 GW, with the ground mount systems accounting for a significant 22.5 GW.  From being an insignificant market, India rose to become the third largest market globally in 2017. India also has stamped its role as a global driver of Solar establishing along with France, the International Solar Alliance. 

Driven by rising air quality and energy security concern, the importance of EV and energy storage is growing and government is drawing policies to drive these markets. These two segments together provide new growth opportunities for the solar companies. Also floating PV and agro PV are emerging new opportunities. 

Numerous exhibitors will make a presentation on their innovations and products at the Innovation Stage covering a wide range of topics including EV charging, AI and IOT based solutions, innovative materials for roofing and solar thermal systems, energy measurement and management, cleaning and system maintenance, inverters and power electronic systems.