Jayshree Misra Tripathi’s poems hold out realities to life and everyday living; several of them hard and harsh realities, writes HUMRA QURAISHI

Intense verse does touch, leaving its imprint on the soul and psyche. That’s probably why only few amongst us can actually come up with intense verse. And last fortnight, as I sat reading Jayshree Misra Tripathi’s poems, in her freshly launched book — ‘Trips and Trials- A selection of Poems and Songs’ each verse held out an entire array of emotions that touched.

I have been meeting Jayshree for the last five years. She was never alone, with her career diplomat husband, Sibabrata Tripathi, always by her side .But then destined turns intruded. Her husband passed away over a year back, but not really for her, for she mentions him so very often, and she had also chosen her wedding anniversary day for the launch of this latest book.

Along the expected strain the poet in her seems to carry the load of emotional turmoil and pain which comes out rather too evidently in her verse. As she details in the preface, “Your journey through my selection of poems may evoke sorrow, anger, exasperation and hopefully, joy. Yes, my verse does stem from powerful emotions, but this has not always been spontaneous. Some poems have been ‘recollected’, then ‘re-sung’ over two decades – some are new,21st century.”

Her verse holds out realities to life and everyday living; several of them hard and harsh realities. To quote her, “My words are not terse, taut- as emotions are held in check, yet overflow. Harsh realities are not accepted easily. Concrete images are blurred by shadowy tears. We need that catharsis at times. Critics will despair of this trend!”

Nah, critics should not and will not despair of this trend, as critics are human too; they do realize that human emotions need that much needed outlet and unleash for the free flow of emotions …where emotions can freely flow along in that spontaneous unobstructed fashion.

♦ ♦ ♦

This collection of Jayshree’s poems carry sentiments hovering around love, longing, lament, loss, lust and, of course, life! Her verse is slotted into different segments to hold out each little aspect to life and everyday living. Of course, the underlying emotions unchanging. And to add to those emotions are sketches done by the Delhi based visual artist cum historian cum writer, Moonis Ijlal…those sketches matching the sentiments loaded in that verse.

And though I’m tempted to quote several of Jayshree’s verse but, perhaps, that wouldn’t be possible as space constraints would come in way, but let me try and quote at least two of her verse, lying well tucked in within the pages of this well-produced book.

“At The End Of Another Year/

Restless, breathless, Time/

Struggles on,/

Through agitations for justice,/

Truth and honour,/

In anguish for bloodshed in/

corners seen or forlorn./

witness to tears and cries for/

loved ones, unknown ones,/

lost forever./

In Time’s path, monsoon/

Downpours, cyclones, winter/


And sunlight shimmering /

Through floating clouds,in/

Blue skies./

Twelve months have passed, I /

am adrift…/

In anxious fear, the transitory/

calm before dawn./

With bated breath, I awake/

 Each morn/

After fitful sleep, lessons/

Seemingly unlearnt./

In anticipation of an/

Unpainted day,/

Mine to sketch or while away,/

In whimsical remonstrance./

With the message of time /

And each line on my forehead,/

The future will unbind;/

My mind, I plead, remain/

Forever young.”



While posting the picture of the author, inadvertently picture of Jaishree Misra was published in these columns. We regret the mistake and offer apologies for the same – Printer and Publisher (Tehelka)