Indian Navy Chetak CH442 chopper crashed during training sortie at Rajali base in Tamil Nadu

A Chetak CH442 chopper of Indian Navy on a routine training sortie on October 1 crashed at INS Rajali, the naval base in Arakkonam, Tamil Nadu.

A Navy spokesperson said that the incident took place when Chetak CH442 chopper was carrying out dry-winching dual sortie.

According to reports the crew is safe and there has been damage to the main and tail rotors of the chopper.

Indian Navy spokesperson reportedly said, “Three crew members were on board at the time. All three are safe.”

The incident just comes days after an IAF MiG 27 crashed near Jodhpur on September 4, 2018. In a similar incident on June 8 IAF’s ‘Jaguar’ developed a snag while landing and had a minor accident. The pilot was undergoing a routine training mission from the Jamnagar Air Force base.

One another incident of same nature occurred on June 5 in which plane went down in the Mundra taluk of the Kutch region in northwestern Gujarat claiming life of  Air Commodore Sanjay Chauhan.