Indian men on women: In their own words – Uttar Pradesh

The modern successful woman has to strike a balance between her family and professional obligations’
Vivek Tewari, 25
IT Head, Food Processing Unit, Barabanki
The Delhi gang rape incident has disturbed me. I am at my wit’s end to understand as to where this society is heading for and is there any light at the end of the tunnel. All my friends were stunned by the incident, how such a thing could happen in national capital. I am also unable to figure out the reason behind the incident. I think the police and the law and order machinery is to be primarily blamed for this incident. All those blaming the lifestyle of the women and their dress are talking nonsense. Drinking is nothing new in India, but everybody does not rape women under the influence of alcohol.
I can say from my first hand knowledge that such incidents occur at both big cities and rural areas. For various reasons the incidents in villages do not catch the attention of the media for the simple reason that the people are either scared of the police or reluctant for social reasons.
I have seen media reports where some people have blamed modern culture for the incidents of criminal assault against the women. I don’t understand how these people can be so insensitive to a 23 old innocent girl who lost her life in a heinous crime. I cannot agree to the idea that women are to be blamed for crimes against them. It’s ridiculous. Rape happened four decades ago also, when women did not have the kind of freedom and participation in public life as they have today. There is a need to improve the people’s perception about law and order and instill confidence among women, particularly working women, that they are safe and can lead their lives as normal citizens.
The sooner we realise that women are equal members of society and they have every right to exercise their discretion about their career and married life, the better it is for our society. Who are men to decide the level of the freedom to be enjoyed by women? It’s a private affair of any individual, which is determined by the profile of her profession and financial background.
It would be incorrect to say that freedom enjoyed by women is enough and that they do not need more. Freedom is dynamic, not a static issue, as our society is fast changing. Hw can the level of freedom be quantified?
I am not, however, in favour of live-in relationships. Some may not agree with my opinion, but I think it is bad both for men and women. The persons entering into this kind of relationship should understand that they won’t be eternally young and that with time, the hard questions of real life will stare at them. I don’t think this kind of relationship is not sustainable.
The modern successful woman has to strike a balance between her family and professional obligations. After all, women are the pivot of the family and there can be no family without a loving, happy, satisfied women.