In Delhi, Development wins

AAP - 63, BJP - 07 Congress - 00 

HATE campaigns proved fatal for the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP). Despite high voltage campaign based on non-developmental issues like Hindu,Muslim, Shaheen BaghJamia Millia, Pakistan and Goli Maro…what BJP earned is only that they succeeded in getting ”little respectful” seats in Delhi Assembly elections. Previous few state elections, including this Delhi election result also indicate that if you ignore local sentiments, even regional shatraps can prove heavy on national leaders like Narender Modi and Amit Shah.

Aam Admi Party (AAP) huge victory is the result of party’s focusing on development and also CM Arvind Kejriwal’s face. Neither BJP nor the Congress declared any face as chief minister in the election.
 Institutions like Election Commission, which is supposed to be neutral during elections and always, lost its image to high extent in Delhi elections. They announced poll data including the percentage after 24 hours of the polling, which raised many eyebrows in the country. The election commission’s reason (excuse) was also not well convinced that data collection took time which caused delay.
It is also alleged that slogans like Jai Shri Ram (by the BJP workers)and Jai Bajrangbali (by AAP workers) within the 200 meters area of the polling stations. The Election Commission failed to make check on all these violations.
Overall Delhi election results are the indication that BJP failed badly to polarise voters and voter preferred developmental issues in the election. There was also a big difference between campaign of chief minister Arvind Kejriwal and BJP leaders. Where Kejriwal did not at all targeted prime minister Modi on personal level, the BJP leaders even called Kejriwal, a attankvaadi (militant).
The another interesting thing which was observed that Kejriwal tweets on election suddenly become much well crafted after strategist Prashant Kishor joined the Aam Admi Party campaign. Sources also told The Tehelka that it was Prashant Kishor, who convinced the top leadership of the Congress for ‘undeclared understanding’ between AAP and the Congress.
This result have also put sword on the future of Delhi state BJP president Manoj Tiwari, who badly failed in gearing up BJP organisation. He was appointed president in 2016 after which BJP recorded victory in Delhi municipal polls.
Though BJP won all 10 Delhi seats in the May, 2019 Lok Sabha polls, it was not due to Tiwari but due to BJP’s star campaigner prime minister Narender Modi and high voltage ‘extreme nationalism’ campaign. This result is also proved bad for young turk of the BJPPravesh Verma, who made many unwanted remarks during the campaign and people rejected this kind of language. Verma was trying to project himself with such campaign, but it backfired.
The BJP also did not declared any face in this election which harmed its prospectus. This election became direct competition between CM Kejriwal and Prime MInister Narender ModiAam Admi Party made this campaign between Vikaas and goli maaroBJP tried to polarize the campaign even to the extent of hate slogans but it did not worked for them.  
This is another defeat for the BJP in state elections. Before Delhi, BJP lost Jhharkhand badly. Before that they also lost government in Maharashtra. Big states like Madhya PradeshRajasthan and Chhatisgarh have already gone from the hands of the BJP. All these election results are serious indication to a party, which claim to be the largest political organisation of the world.
These results indicate that any party, who ignore local sentiment (local issues) can not think of victory in the state assembly elections. This result have also eroded the much talked about Charismatic Image of BJP leaders like PM Narender Modi and chanakya Amit Shah, who were supposed to talk on development, economy, unemployment etc. Shah used words like jor ka current lagao while Modi said Pakistan ko harana hai which almost backfired the largest party of thye country.
This is a high time that BJP must focus on the major issues of the country. They can not pass the buck for long time. If they continue to loose state like this, it will start demoralizing party cadre. Party have to face crusial assembly elections in the end of this year in a state like BiharContinous defeats will send wrong message in the public about the BJP.
It is also a testimony time for the new BJP president Jagat Prakash Nadda. Party have lost the very first election founght under his leadership. Nadda is considered to be a giant strategist, and under his guidance BJP had won the Uttar Pradesh election. But BJP have now failed to establish its supremacy in the national capital, which is a big loss for the BJP.  
This election result is also a lesson for the Congress who again failed to fetch even a single seat. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections Congress had stood at second place pushing the AAP to the third place. It is said that Congress silently ‘transfered’ its vote to AAP under its strategy to put BJP away from the power. However, Congress’s vote percentage in this election have reduced to poor 4 percent as compare to 10 in the 2015 assembly elections. Though, this 6 percent helped AAP to ensure the defeat of the BJP.    

AAP cadre upbeat after victory
There were beating of drums as soon as the result started coming out. BJP failed to come back to the power even after 21 years. AAP cadre is happy that Arvind Kejriwal have become the chief minister for the third consecutive term which is equal to former chief minister and late Congress leader Sheela Dikshit, who remained chief minister for full three terms and 15 years, while Kejriwal’s first term for not for full five years.After thumping victory of his party, Arvind Kejriwal said that people of Delhi have voted for the development and has defeated the ugly agenda.