In Chennai, PM Modi urges Students to find easy solutions to Country’s problems

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday gave away Prizes to the winners of the 36 Hour Singapore India hackathon which concluded at IIT Chennai.

The Hackathon the second such one was organised in collaboration with Government of Singapore, Government of India, IIT Chennai and the Nanyang Technical University (NTU), Singapore

Addressing the students and academic fraternity, the Prime Minister congratulated the winners of the hackathon. He also urged them to find easy solutions to the problems being faced by India, the Prime Minister said that India would like to offer its solutions to the entire globe and especially the poorest of the nations.

“We are encouraging Innovation and Incubation for two big reasons, one is – we want easy solutions to solve India’s problems, to make life easier. And another, we, in India want to find solutions for the whole world,” he said.

“Indian Solutions for Global Application – this is our goal and our commitment. We would also like our cost-effective solutions to be available to serve the needs of the poorest countries – Indian innovation in support of the poorest and the most deprived, no matter where they live,” he added.

The Prime Minister further said that India is among the top 3 Start-up Friendly ecosystems.  He said India had given great emphasis to innovation and incubation in the last five years.

Programmes like Atal Innovation Mission, PM Research Fellowships, Start-up India Abhiyan are the foundation of 21st century India, an India that promotes a culture of innovation. 

“We are now trying to give exposure to modern technology like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain to our students as early as in 6th grade.  From school to research in higher education, an ecosystem is being created that becomes a medium for innovation,” he said.