Ibobi Singh’s government could only provide tap water connection to 5% households in Manipur: Amit Shah

Propelling the BJP’s campaign for the second phase of the Manipur Legislative Assembly election, Union Home Minister Amit Shah criticized the Congress party, saying that Ibobi Singh-led government could only provide tap water connection to only 5% households.
Addressing a public meeting at Devi Mandap Lampak, Heirok Part-II, Mr. Shah said: “Mr. Ibobi, reply tomorrow if you listen to my speech today.

During 15 years of Congress’ rule in the state, only 5 % households get tap water connections. However, the BJP government in the state has provided tap water connections to more than 57% households.”
Before the BJP government, the Congress government could provide electricity for barely 6 or 7 hours, Shah alleged. “With the BJP government coming to power, we have provided electricity to every household in the state. So now, people of the state enjoy 24/7 electricity. Moreover, for students, the Modi government has distributed 75000 solar-powered LED lamps to students,” he said.

Highlighting that the BJP government has ensured that Manipur produced 32 thousand metric tons of fish, Shah said the state used to import fish, thereby draining our resources to other states of the country. There will be no need to import fish to the state. It was Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji who took up the initiative to provide free LPG cylinders to 155000 mothers living across the state,” Shah bragged.

Hitting back at Ibobi, who alleged that BJP government increased the price of gas, the union minister said: “I want to remind Ibobi that he imposed blockades resulting in shooting up of the price of gas to Rs 3000, petrol price was Rs 300 and atta(wheat flour) Rs 100 for a kilogram.” Given all these, Shah said, Ibobi Singh must accept and concede that BJP has done a monumental amount of work to control the price rise.

Addressing the gathering before Shah, state cabinet minister Th. Biswajit said Manipur would be saved by the Bharatiya Janata Party only and not other parties. Biswajit said: “No other party will save Manipur other than the Bharatiya Janata Party. I have been a
part of the BJP during its rise and down period in Manipur. Therefore, I comprehend the rules and ideology of the party.”

The leaders of BJP always believed that the dream of developed India would never be fulfilled without the development of northeast states, especially Manipur, Biswajit said.
“The notion of BJP is to improve Manipur and the entire northeastern region of the country,” Biswajit added.

Noting that BJP always strives for the betterment of Manipur, Biswajit said BJP leaders and late Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee knew the significance of the northeastern region and took several initiatives for the region’s progress, including the creation of the DoNER ministry.

Amid reports of incidents of violence, more than 78 percent of voters came out to exercise their franchise in the first phase of the election on Monday. The second phase of the election will be held on March 5 and the counting on March 10.