How to Judge the Quality of the Precious Gem in Diamond Earrings?

Diamond is one of the most priceless and precious gemstones available as of now. Many prefer diamond earrings because of their long-lasting and sparkling nature. When you buy diamond by spending so much money, you must also know its quality. It is very important to buy good quality diamonds because there are many types of diamond stones available in the market. So, how can you assess the quality of the gem in diamond earrings? Here are few points you need to note while buying a diamond earring.

  1. Colour
  2. Clarity
  3. Cut
  4. Carat

These are the four important points you need to check while buying diamond earrings. In addition to these,you also need to know the type of certification for the specific diamond


Diamond has got 23 scale for colour grading from D to Z. The letter D represents colourless diamond and Z represents yellow or brown. As the colour scale changes, the value of diamond will also decrease. There are 5 colour categories:

  • (D-F): Colourless
  • (G-J): Almost colourless
  • (K-M): Faint
  • (N-R): Very Light
  • (S-Z): Light

Verify that you buy diamond earrings of good quality. Checking its appearance will help you with that. Actually, the colour difference is negligible and it is difficult to identify by the naked eye.


Diamond with high clarity is rare to find in nature. So, clarity of the gem is an important factor to consider. A pure quality stone will not contain any surface imperfections. There are 11 clarity scales available. They are:

  • Flawless (FL) diamonds have no inclusions or marks.
  • Diamond with no inclusion but small marks externally comes under ‘Internally Flawless’ (IFL).
  • Very, very faintly included (VVS1) and (VVS2) will have small inclusions and it will be difficult to see with naked eye or magnification.
  • Very faintly included (VS1) and (VS2) with slight inclusion can be seen under magnification but not naked eye.
  • Slightly included contains noticeable inclusions
  • Included diamond (I1), (I2) and (I3) are with inclusions and you can see it with your naked eyes.


A well-cut diamond will be sparkling from every angle and is one of the important factors to consider while buying diamond earrings.The cut quality scale is in between 0-10 points

Ideal cut (0), excellent cut(1), very good cut(2), god cut(3,4), fair cut (5,6) and poor cut(7, 8). You can identify the perfect cut with light performance.


Carat is another indication of diamond quality. It’s just an indication of its size actually. There are various types like 1 carat, 2 carat and decimal representations. Carat represents its quality and value.

You need to consider all the above points while buying diamond earrings. Also, make sure to get certified diamond earrings. There are many agencies like GIA, AGS and EGL for grading diamond. Certification ensures you that the diamond you buy is original. Get away from diamond scams and invest only in certified diamond earrings. While you exchange or sell it, they may ask for its certifications.

Diamond earrings are one of the popular gifts that you can gift to your loved one. While giving a gift, you must ensure its quality. With this guide, you would be able to ensure that.

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