Himachal Pradesh: Ministry of Education Awards Students of APG Shimla University

Eleven Students of Alakh Prakash Goyal Shimla University were awarded by the Education Minister of Himachal Pradesh Suresh Bhardwaj, on July 16 at the Education Ministry House for having worked actively with the National Service Scheme (NSS) of the university to help the society by doing various actions such as cleaning the environment, seeking donations for Kerala,  and organizing blood donations in the campus.

It should be noted that after the water flood which affected the south Indian state of Kerala in August 2018, these students in collaboration with the NSS took the initiative to collect money in their university. On September 26, 2018 they sent 18600 rupees to the Chief Minister of Kerala in order to help the state on  behalf of APG Shimla University.

Students from 7 different countries – Afghanistan, India, Gambia, Malawi, Togo, North Sudan and South Sudan led by Amit Sharma from the Management department of  APG Shimla University, were present in the ceremony.

According to the HP Education Minister Suresh Bhardwaj, students should be more involved in giving back to the society as this helps them to develop their leadership skills and to be responsible citizens. He congratulated them by hoping that they will be good leaders of their countries in the nearest future and they will build a good relationship with India.   

“Thanks to the honorable Minister of Education Suresh Bhardwaj for this recognition to our services and for these awards to our students who have fully contributed to our actions. We hope to see this kind of ceremony to happen again next time and to see the Education Ministry to keep collaborating with our institution”, said Amit Sharma, the coordinator of the NSS at APG Shimla University.

“Helping a country which is not my own, shows the great responsibilities and determinations I have for the whole world because I know that I should not consider myself as a citizen belonging to a particular country, but a global citizen”, said Momodou Barry, an African student from Gambia.