Haryana’s ambitious Panchgram project to build five super smart cities along KMP Expressway

According to the new proposed plan, the industrial corridor along the KMP Western Expressway will be modernised and it will have world class facilities. Also, the master plan 2024 talks about developing areas outside the Gurugram-Manesar Urban Complex, writes RAJENDRA KHATRY

Haryana has launched one of the most ambitious projects ever with the creation of five super smart cities along the 135-km Kundli-Manesar-Palwal (KMP) Expressway in the National Capital Region (NCR). The five super smart cities project, known as ‘Panchgram’ will be on the pattern of Singapore and it will be bigger than Chandigarh.

Vipul Goel, Haryana Minister  for Industries and commerce said the KMP Expressway and the five cities to be developed alongside will completely change the industrial scenario in Haryana. The present BJP government in Haryana has provided facilities to entrepreneurs to give boost to the industrial sector in the state to create five large scale job opportunities, he said. The five proposed cities will take the load off Delhi and Gurugram which have become overcrowded. The five cities will have residential commercial and industrial sectors for people’s convenience.

Under panchgram project, the first proposed green field city will come up close to Gurugram. The cities have been planned to be developed on the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model. The Panchgram project will be developed within 2-km of the KMP on both sides of the road. Each city will have a different name.

One Gurugram has worked wonders for Haryana, five such cities will certainly bring more prosperity to the state, feel experts. The Haryana State Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (HSIDC) has been given the responsibility to develop the five cities.

According to the new proposed plan, the government is preparing a new master plan 2024 to develop areas outside the Gurugram-Manesar Urban Complex. Accordingly, the area from Manesar towards Rewari as well as the areas around Pataudi will also be incorporated in the new project. Meanwhile the HSIIDC has issued Request for Proposal (RFP) for selection of the consultant for the project.

According to the RFP, the authority has also decided to prepare a master plan for a new Greenfield city adjoining Gurugram to be spread over a huge areas encompassing five hectare. Accordingly, the master plan will include review of the existing planning framework, land use, transportation, demographic and socio-economic characteristics.

The plan will also provide medium and long-term population projections as well as a concept master plan consisting of social infrastructure requirements, transportation network plan, land use plan. It will also have zoning regulations, according to the request for proposal (RFP). 

The selected consultant of the all important project will prepare the master plan for the new city in around 6 months. The location of the new city will to the south of the National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi and will share its boundary with the Gurgaon-Manesar urban area in the north and will face the picturesque Aravalli Hills on the north east.

The consultant is still to be selected by the Haryana government for the project. The government has around six months time to finalise a consultant. The five new cities will be well-connected to the urban centres all around Delhi through National Highways-48, State Highway 13 and 28 and KMP Expressway. It will also be connected to other major district roads, according to the  RFP.

According to sources in the HSIIDC, procedure of selecting the consultant has already been initiated. Bids have also been invited. It is not as if the entire stretch of the KMP Exresswat falls in Haryana. Out of the total length of  21five kms, as much as 13five kms falls in Haryana state and the rest of around 80 kms in Utar Pradesh (UP). In Haryana the KMP Expressway covers the districts of Sonepat, Jhajjar, Gurugram, Mewat and Palwal. Areas on both sides of the Expressway are proposed to be developed by the Haryana government in the PPP mode for the Panchgram project.

Goel is excited about the KMP Expressway and the Panchgram project. According to Goel, in the coming days, the KMP Expressway will transform the industrial scene in Haryana by giving it a big boost. He says the Manohar Lal Khattar led BJP government in Haryana has provided several facilities to entrepreneurs  to boost the industrial sector in the state.

Goel is very hopeful of the highly ambitious project undertaken by the Haryana government. He said the industrial and commercial townships are being set up op on 3300 acres of land at Kharkhoda in Sonipat district. He said this would be an unique township in Haryana. Another industrial model township has been developed on 1400 acres of land in Sohna of Gurugram district.

Later,  both of these townships will be linked to the KMP Expressway. In fact Sohna township will be linked to the Gururam-Sohna-Alwar Highway. This will bring more prosperity to Haryana, said Vipul Goel.

The industrial corridor along the KMP Western Expressway will be modernised and it will have world class facilities. The minister said that the micro, small and medium category of industries are the backbone of the industrial sector. These units actually strengthen the entire ecosystem of the region and are very important, he   said.

According to a senior official of the Haryana government, the new development plan of Haryana will reflect the quality of life which a resident if  Panchgram region could expct to lead in the years to come. The Haryana master plan will also define the several zones into new townships and cities comprising the Panchgram region These regions will then be segregated in various zones for the purpose of development of the entire region. The project will be very beneficial to the industrialists as well as businessmen.

According to Haryana’s Additional chief secretary (ACS-industries and commerce), Devender Singh,   the new urban centres of Panchgram project will open several opportunities for trade and housing in the state. He said The KMP and Kundli-Ghaziabad-Palwal (KGP) Expressway would give these centres good connectivity as well.

Devender Singh said that Gurugram of Haryana, close to Delhi has a reputed brand value and has attracted investments worth crores of rupees. Similarly the Panchgram also which are close to Delhi, will help the state bring major attractions as well as investments.

“Also, there is a great demand for warehouses and logistic facilities and traders want to set them outside Delhi,” Devender Singh said while talking about the possible opportunities from the ambitious project.