Goat Farming Goes Scientific for Profit

Mathura, UP– For the Production of more goats in the country and to attract the educated youth towards goat husbandry, the Central Institute for Research on Goats (ICAR) have joined hands with Mera Farm House Chandigarh and Youth Rural Enterpreneur Foundation (YREF), karela, Ghazipur,( Uttar Pradesh). The Director of ICAR, Dr Manish Kumar Chalti after signing both the MoUs said, these collaborations will definitely increase the reach of goat farmer to the newer developed technologies and would also aid in scientific goat farming for getting maximum benefits. This Scientific approach will be beneficial for small, marginal and landless farmers to reap maximum benefits. The improved practices will be economical in terms of housing, input costs like feed, supplements, etc leading to better profitable ventures.

Over the years the demand of Goat Production has increased, the Mera farm house will act as a digital knowledge provider which integrates goat Farmers especially in optimal use of inputs, maximum returns like milk, meat, fibre, manure, compost and its supply chain. Goat milk and meat is beneficial for health and is widely used in medicines. Goat farming involves raising and breeding of goats.

Goat Husbandry will also be increased with the use of Internet of things (IoT) based farming aided with artificial intelligence. The MoU with Mera farm house will provide a digital platform to farmers for easy access of validated rearing technologies from the famous institutes at Makhdoom( farah) in  UP.

 The Another MoU of ICAR has been signed with YREF, Ghazipur, which will focus on indentifying the rural youth interested in goat husbandry, that too with same scientific practices in collaboration with ICAR- Central Institute with Research on Goats. After signing both MoUs the Director ICAR said that CIRG with world class infrastructure is committed to provide technical and scientific support in breed improvement, scientific goat farming techniques and practices, health management, nutritional management, scientific, feed and housing management, artificial insemination (AI) value added products to train the rural youth in goat farming. Addressing the media persons, Arun Kumar Singh, Director of Youth Rural Enterpreneur Foundation, said that with technical support of CIRG with vibrant Director and its team of Scientists will collaborate in developing new research and extension of package of practices in goat husbandry. Improved germ-plasm will increase the productivity while tuning the resources to ideal level for attracting the educated youth towards goat husbandry, he added.