Gaza: Why have world leaders not stepped in?

It is difficult to describe the tragedies hitting the Palestinians. When all they want is to live on their own homeland, which was robbed from them, and were made to sit like refugees on their own land.

Can’t believe we humans are living in a developed civilized world, amidst all the propaganda of peace forums and platforms!

What is happening in Gaza is sheer genocide! Yet none of the so-called world leaders have shown any urgency for a ceasefire or even for truce talks. Tell me, how many more Palestinians will have to perish in targeted attacks before these ongoing killings can be halted.

It is difficult to describe the tragedies hitting the Palestinians. When all they want is to live on their own homeland, which was robbed from them, and with that they were made to sit like hapless refugees on their own land. Today, even that basic right to survive seems ripped off, snatched from them, as hundreds are dying, if not already dead!

One is left asking: Where are the superpowers? Can’t they hear human cries! Can’t they see dead forms of babies and adults and the elderly? Can’t they see entire buildings and homes and hearths destroyed? Can’t they visualize the offshoots of this genocide? Can’t they grasp the far-reaching consequences of these ongoing killings of hapless people?

It’s just too shocking to see the balancing acts of the rulers of the day. Several heads of State have even sided with Israel; perhaps, because of the rather too obvious political motives and expansionist plans. But in their synthetic speeches, these rulers should confine their preferences to themselves and to their governments. Why drag the masses? After all, the masses are not naïve and are mature enough to see the brutalities and killings spreading out. They are also well aware of the just and legitimate demand of the Palestinians. Yet, there is complete bypassing of the human tragedy of this level.

Each time I see  television shots of  hundreds  killed in explosions, homes and buildings bombarded, dying  children and  fleeing  families, entire settlements  razed to the  ground,  I have  been asking myself:  Who is behind these mass scale killings! Who all are in the collective lot, destroying humans in every possible way.

And as Noam Chomsky had said during the  course of an interview  with me – “In  the  Reagan  years  alone,  the  US-sponsored  state  terrorists  in Central America left  hundreds  of thousands  of tortured and mutilated corpses, millions orphaned  and four countries  in ruins. In the same year, Western-backed South  African depredations  killed 1.5 million  people. I need not speak of  West Asia or much else …All of  this, however, is barred from  the annals of terrorism by a simple device, the term ‘terrorism’ like  most  terms  of  political   discourse  has two  meanings — a  literal one and a propagandistic one. Needless to add that the propagandistic version is preferred and  pursued  by the US. Terrorism is terrorism that is directed against the US and its friends and  allies.” Chomksy had also drawn parallels between the US  and the Nazis, “The  Nazis, for   example,  bitterly  condemned  terrorism  and conducted what they called  counter  terrorism against terrorist  partisans. The US basically agreed and  it organized and conducted  similar  counter  terrorism in the post war years.”

Asfandyar Wali Khan

And during  the  course of an earlier interview with me, Khan Abdul Ghaffar  Khan’s  grandson, Asfandyar Wali Khan, had  come up with this rather simplistic explanation to the growing turmoil in today’s world:  “If you have  two  badmashes (bad guys) in a  village it’s okay, because the two will be busy settling scores with each other. But there will be chaos and confusion if there is only one badmash left! That’s the trouble in today’s world. There is only one badmash left! Also, where’s the leadership of calibre in today’s Muslim world. Religion was  used by Americans  in Afghanistan to create their  base, otherwise Afghan  struggles  had  been  based  on  nationalism and not religion. Also, the  ongoing atrocities  against the Palestinians are  hurting  the Muslims  the  world over. Post 9/11, the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan are being looked at as if they are similar, which is not the case. The true  essence and  meaning of Islam is being  overshadowed  in this  chaos which is  unfortunate, for  Islam stands for  justice and   peace. … it’s a  known fact that way back in early  90s, madrasas and other religious institutions under the  various  camouflages,  had been set  up  by the  CIA, along the Afghan- Pakistan  borders!”

And  if  we  were   to  focus  on Latin  American countries, it’s best to hear what  the  well-known Mexican writer and columnist Juan Miguel De Mora had to tell me during  the course of an interview whilst  he was  visiting  New  Delhi  in 2004. When  I had  queried about the US,  he began  by quoting two former Mexican  presidents: “Mexican  president   General  Porfirio  Diaz had  said  way back  ( he was  president till 1910 ) ‘Poor  Mexico so far from God and so  close to the  US.’ Then another  Mexican  President  – Adolfo Lopez  Mateos  –had  said that  the  biggest problem faced  by  Mexico is  ‘the   US.’ Together  with that  Mora   came  up  with  his own comments: “But  in  my  opinion  both Mexican presidents  were too diplomatic. President’s Bush‘s democracy  is  like Stalin’s and I have  been writing  in  my columns that Bush’s policies are a  danger to  humanity.”

And in 2001, when I had  interviewed  Libya’s erstwhile ruler Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s son,  Saif – EL Islam, I  had  asked  him to comment on the  ‘terror tags’ heaped by the Western  Powers on his  father and  on his   government, along the strain that they  are  funding  terror groups. He had told me, “It all depends on your  perception. Many liberation leaders were viewed as being terrorists but later they became heroes. In the sense when Nelson Mandela was in trouble we helped him out, when Mugabe was having problems we helped him too, so does that mean we helped terrorist outfits!  Mind you, both these men  fought  liberation wars and later emerged as  heroes. In fact, in my own  country’s war for  liberation from the Italians we had lost about  three-quarters of our population, so  realize the  problems involved …it’s all a matter of  perception and  image.”


Getting back to the people of Palestine, there ought to be an urgent call for ceasefire, truce talks, and together with that a lasting solution to the  demands of the Palestinians.

Leaving you with this verse of the Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish:

‘The war will end/

The leaders will shake hands/

The old woman will keep waiting for her martyred/


The girl will wait for  her  beloved  husband/

And those children will wait for their  hero father/

I don’t know who sold our homeland/

But I saw who paid the price.’