‘Friendship isn’t about retaliation’: Rahul Gandhi on President Trump’s remark

“Friendship is not about retaliation” said Congress leader Rahul Gandhi after US President Donald Trump hinted of ‘retaliation’ if India does not clear the export of Hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malaria drug used in the treatment of coronavirus patients.

Rahul Gandhi in a tweet said, “Friendship isn’t about retaliation. India must help all nations in their hour of need but lifesaving medicines should be made available to Indians in ample quantities first.”

Besides Rahul, other party leaders Shashi Tharoor and Jaiveer Shergill also slammed Trump for his alleged threat of retaliation.

Tharoor said, “Never in my decades of experience in world affairs have I heard a Head of State or Govt openly threatening another like this. What makes Indian hydroxychloroquine “our supply”, Mr President? It only becomes your supply when India decides to sell it to you.”

Jaiveer Shergill said, “President Trump’s remarks “India has been taking advantage of US trade for yrs” & “there may b retaliation if India does nt supply Hydroxychloroquine” proves US views relationship with India as transactional & neither “HowdyModi” nor “Namaste Trump” makes us “all weather friends”.”

The Indian government today said it will supply essential drugs to the countries that are badly affected by the pandemic.

On Saturday Trump had requested PM Modi to release the US order of Hydroxychloroquine tablets.

He spoke to the Indian Prime Minister over the phone and requested him to give serious consideration to releasing the hold it put on a US order for hydroxychloroquine.