Sheltering of Militants: 4 houses being attached in Kashmir

Authorities in Jammu and Kashmir are attaching four houses in Srinagar and Anantnag districts in connection with a militancy case, officials said on Monday.

State Investigation Unit of Jammu and Kashmir Police is attaching three houses at Barthana Qamarwari Srinagar and one at Sangam Anantnag, according to a local news agency GNS. 

The decision by the authorities was taken in connection with case (FIR no. 127/22), officials said.

The case pertains to the recovery of arms and ammunition from members of the TRF group, the offiials added.

In March last year, the Jammu and Kashmir police decided to attach immovable properties of civilians used for militancy in Kashmir, as top officials called for tougher action against militants. 

“The process has started for the attachment of some immovable properties which have been used for militancy as per Section 2(g) & 25 of the ULP Act. Don’t give shelter or harbour militants and associates. Legal action will be supplemented by property attachments as per law,” a police spokesman had then said in a statement.