Former RAW Chief Dulat advocates dialogue with Pakistan to tackle terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir

AS Dulat, former chief of India’s RAW, on Wednesday emphasized the necessity of initiating a dialogue with Pakistan to address the issue of terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. 

Speaking at a media interaction organized by the NGO Sarhad, Dulat highlighted the positive outcomes witnessed during former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s tenure through dialogue. He recalled the significant ceasefire on the border in 2003 as a result of such efforts.

Dulat mentioned experts’ observations about Nawaz Sharif’s potential return to power in Pakistan and his purported interest in restoring peaceful relations with India. He stressed the importance of political developments in India, Pakistan, and the United States in revitalizing Indo-Pak relations, citing Sharif’s purported eagerness for dialogue with India.

Drawing from his advisory role on Jammu and Kashmir affairs during Vajpayee’s tenure, Dulat stressed the need for the government to rebuild trust, hope, and confidence among the youth in the region. He called for the prompt restoration of statehood to Jammu and Kashmir, as previously announced in Parliament, to rekindle a sense of positive prospects among the youth.