Firecrackers trigger accidents during Diwali celebrations

Bursting of fire crackers during Diwali celebrations triggered accidents in various parts of India on Wednesday.

At least 50 people were injured in Hyderabad and outskirts while bursting crackers, an official said on Thursday.

The injured were taken to the Hospital late Wednesday night and in the early hours of Thursday. 

According to doctors, few of them sustained critical injuries in their eyes and rest of the people had minor injuries and were sent home after treatment.

Sources said, the injured include people belonging to all age groups.

In another incident, firecrackers led to a massive fire in Lucknow’s candle factory in Rajendra Nagar area late on Wednesday night, a fire brigade official said.

According to reports, no loss of life has been reported so far.

More than half-a-dozen fire brigades were rushed to the spot to douse the flames.

In Ludhiana too, fire broke out on Wednesday at 25 locations on Occasion of Diwali.

Reports said, a total of 37 fire engines were deployed to douse the flames.

The reason behind most of the incidents was bursting of crackers, an official said.