Farmers’ Protest: Eighth round of talks between govt and farmer unions end inconclusively, next meet on Jan 15

The eighth round of talks between the protesting farmer unions and the Centre on Friday once again ended on an inconclusive note. The next round of dialogue will be held on January 15.

Farmer unions described the acts as ‘anti-farmer laws’, whereas the government maintained that these acts will ease the process of farmers selling their produce directly to big buyers. 

The MSP assurance has emerged as the main reason in the farmers’ protest. Farmers believed that the new laws would make the MSP system irrelevant and they would not have any assured income from their farming. However, the Central government, at many occasions reiterated that the MSP system will continue. 

Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar today said that the Farm Laws have been made keeping in mind the benefits of farmers throughout the country. The government is concerned about farmers and wants the agitation to end but due to no solutions forthcoming issues could not be resolved.

The Agriculture Minister further said that the government is willing to continue discussions with an open mind, if the talks proceed on, the possible solutions can be found in a logical way.

The Farmers’ Unions have asked for a repeal of the laws, the government again suggested amendments. In spite of lengthy discussions no solution emerged, therefore it was decided that the next round of talks will take place on 15th January 2021, according to the Agriculture Ministry.