Falun Dafa helps remain calm and creative

Model and photographer Adhiraj Chakrabarti shares how this ancient practice makes his daily routine useful during lockdown

An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Remember the popular proverb we learnt when we were in school. My father had a strange habit of quoting proverbs to me when I was in school. Little did I understand why he kept saying proverbs to me … I misinterpreted it thinking maybe he just likes saying proverbs! But at this juncture I realise … the things he used to tell me often crosses my mind … it had so much inner meaning!

In the current scenario when there is a complete lockdown, most of the things aren’t working normally. It’s very important that we dont keep an idle mind … we may say that there isn’t much to do … It’s actually been quite the opposite for me since these unexpected off days have started … I have been reading a lot of positive things rather than indulging myself in the situation by repeatedly viewing news, videos and posts on social media. Although, it’s important to be aware of what’s happening in the world but not to a point of overindulgence leading us to read false news, negative remarks and criticisms!

Usually when we are in the grip of negativity a lot of us forget to be compassionate, which is an absolute essential character we should have … and can’t be missed especially during such times. I have been practising, truthfulness, compassion and forbearance …the basic principles of Falun Dafa, an ancient cultivation practice for the mind and body. This break has really helped me do the five sets of exercises and meditation regularly … I have managed to increase the duration of the practice and it has really helped my mind to be in a state of calm and peace. Also this practice helps boost immunity, so naturally I feel quite energetic and active even if I am always at home. Along with it reading the profound teachings of Mr Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa in the book Zhuan Falun has essentially been a strong guiding factor for me at all times. Since I was visiting my mother when the lockdown happened, I have been able to teach her the exercises, which has also been beneficial for her.

Being a creative person and a self-taught photographer, I need to constantly evolve myself. Therefore, regularly setting aside time to expand my knowledge online, also constantly trying to further improve my editing and retouching skills. The other day I also found my bamboo flute at home … so I have been trying to play some tunes that I have learned. Music is something which has deep connects with our inner side and listening to tranquil and peaceful music is always a part of my daily life.

This is certainly a time when we need to reconnect with our inner self… I had given up on writing poetry a couple of years back and being in the confines of the four walls yet staying positive has been a help in reviving my creative side. Have managed to write a few poems and who knows by the end of all this maybe I will have enough of them to publish!

Lastly, how I view this entire scenario is that there are some greater causes behind everything that happens around us, we should definitely try to reflect on our own thoughts and actions. This moment has been given to us and we have the choice to either let evil breed in our idle minds or…

“We walk with glory heads held high, the distant miles of constant mirages, the piercing thorns rom the cactus dry, the scorching heat of the dreary desert sun … Yet, the shade awaits not so far, of soothing palms and blissful waters … let’s all return to the eternal oasis”

Mr India finalist Adhiraj Chakrabarti is an eminent model and emerging fashion photographer from Mumbai. He practices Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong), an ancient cultivation system of mind and body. Views expressed  are his own