Election results that appear surreal

There is genuine and legitimate worry that with the Right-Wing in power  the  entire scenario  will stand  changed in our country. After all, the RSS will be in control of the  very governance

These election results seem difficult to grasp or digest or to quote a friend they  appear ‘surreal’! After all, common sense does not seem to accept the fact that in the  backdrop of  high levels of disgust and dismay at the non-performance of the Modi government, people actually voted them to power. The fact is the masses are angry with the state of affairs, so why would they vote for the same lot?

In fact, as I have been writing the core fact that hits are the double standards in the very governance. The Election Commission of India did seemingly little to  halt the  likes of terror accused Sadhvi Pragya Thakur from  contesting in these  elections. Tell me why should a terror accused been allowed to stand as an upcoming ‘leader’. Doesn’t this trend spell doom for the country and for all of us! And  whatever happened to all those  lengthy speeches of the Right-Wing who’s who, on  terrorism and  terrorists, when they are  not just projecting  the terror accused  but even putting them  in the corridors of  power! Its almost akin to housing terrorists right inside your home compound and yet you are crying  hoarse to  go  catch the terrorists from  across the  borders! Strange, nah!

People of this country have lost trust cum faith in the sarkari institutions and whatever they deliver. Never before severe doubts came up on the  very authenticity of the EVMS, and also in the  electioneering bandobast. How could The Election Commission of India overlook the fact that Mr  Narendra Modi’s  photo-shots in and around  Kedarnath were used for  publicity, to gather votes of  the naïve.  Weren’t his photographs splashed all over even whilst the electioneering process was on…in full swing! Why was he projected as some sort of spiritual hero at such a crucial juncture?

There is genuine and legitimate worry that with the Right-Wing in power  the  entire scenario  will stand  changed in our country. After all, the RSS  will be in control of the  very governance. Mind you, this time rather too directly and much more blatantly.  And with the  right –wing rulers ruling this  country, the  minorities and the  disadvantaged  together with the liberals and the  progressive will  have  every reason to sit worried and apprehensive, in that  second or third class positioning!

I was  first  introduced to the so called  RSS ‘literature’ several   years back  and  ever since I have  read the master plans of the RSS, what  stands out are its  divisive communal  strategies.

To quote Khushwant Singh on this, from one of his earlier writings – “All along the   motivating factor for the Hindutva parties  has  been  Islamophobia. The entire motivating factor behind the RSS is anti – Muslim. In fact, today  when  Mohan Bhagwat  says that  the  RSS  is  open to  other communities  and   has  Muslim and  Christian  members too  it’s  to  be  taken with a pinch  of  salt  because the  whole   thrust  behind the  RSS  Hindutva  parties  has  been anti- Muslims.”

Khushwant had also brought  into focus another  factor -“ Don’t  overlook the fact that before Jinnah had  come  up  with the  two-nation theory, it  was Gangadhar  Tilak, Lala  Lajpat Rai, VD  Savarkar, who  had  come  up  with the  Hindu  nation  theory. In fact, Lala  Lajpat  Rai  had even drawn a map  of divided India  –  along religious  lines. Whatever the RSS had been trying ever since the country’s Independence they seemed to get now! Fascism well and truly crossed our threshold and dug its heels in our courtyard. We let the fanatics get away with every step they took without raising a howl of protest. They burnt books they did not like, they beat up journalists who wrote against them, they openly butchered people for believing in a different God…The carnage in Gujarat, the Mahatma’s home state, in early 2002 and the subsequent landslide victory for Narendra Modi spelt disaster for our country. The fascist agenda of Hindu fanatics is unlike anything India has experienced in its modern history…For  the  last several   years  I  have  been  seeing  signs of  fascism  creeping in  …private senas are used to  unleash terror  on  minority segments  and  most  Indians  do  not seem  to realize the  magnitude  of   this  dangerous   trend, the  very  magnitude  of  intolerance  though  signs  are  writ  large. MF  Husain had to  live  in exile,  his  paintings  were  burnt,  girls  molested  in  Mangalore  pubs,  killings in Kandhahar, all that propaganda in circulation  –  of Christians   converting ( though the  reality is that the  Christian  population  in the  country  has  actually gone down), the  Sangh keeps whipping those old  prejudices against the  Muslims…Hindutva   theory   does  not  believe  in  treating all  nationals as  one ,on the   same footing ….there’s  that  discrimination against the   Muslims and  Christians  …that  discrimination against Muslims , culminating  in the  very   destruction  of the Babri  masjid,  the   massacre  of  Muslims  in the 2002 Gujarat pogrom, the  murder of  Christian  missionaries , burning  of the  Bible …”

And let us not be naïve enough to be taken up by the double or triple speak of the  BJP rulers…their  bogus assurances that minorities are safe and  intact  under their  rule. Not to be overlooked the fact that BJP is an offshoot of the RSS. To quote from academic Shamshul Islam’s book ‘Know The RSS – based on the Rashtriya Swayamsevak  Sangh’s  Documents’ (Pharos  Media)-“BJP not independent of  RSS…The RSS leadership keeps  on harping  that BJP is an independent  political  organization and does not work under the dictates of the RSS. It is pertinent that one compares this information with the facts available in the official publications of the RSS. The central publication house of the RSS, the Suruchi Prakashan, has published a book, Param Vaibhav Ke Path Par (The Road to Glory) in 1997 giving details of more than 40  organizations created  by  the RSS  for  different  tasks. The BJP  as a political  organization  figures prominently  in it, clubbed with the ABVP, Hindu  Jagran Manch, Vishva  Hindu  Parishad, Swadeshi  Jagran Manch and  Sanskar Bharti…In this  book the  BJP  figures at  number  three in the  list  of  prominent organisations  created  by  the RSS. This book   discusses the creation and development of the BJP under the aegis of the RSS in full three pages.”

Shamshul Islam also  emphasises on a  vital  factor -“There has always been a conscious attempt  to  create  confusion about  its  different  fronts which  provide RSS with the  opportunity to dissociate with any  of  these  as  per  its  convenience. For instance it used Hindu  Jagaran  Manch(HJM) for  attacking  Christians in the  late 1990s and  when  public opinion, media, and Parliament seemed to turn against  it, RSS denied any relation with HJM…When  nefarious designs of the Vishwa  Hindu  Parishad, Bajrang Dal, Dharam  Sansad  were exposed before  the  nation, RSS announced that  they were  independent  organizations. Interestingly, it was often seen mediating between the  BJP led  government( 1998- 2004) and these fronts…It  will be interesting  to  know  that  many of  these  organizations  have  been  organized in a  clandestine  manner , a  characteristic of  a  Fascist set-up.”

The picture gets sharper if one were to read Professor Jyotirmaya Sharma’s  book –  ‘Terrifying  Vision – M.S.  Golwalkar, The RSS and India ‘ (Penguin), To quote from  Sharma’s  book  “The  Ram janambhoomi movement , the  demolition  of the   Babri Masjid   and the   Gujarat  riots  of 2002  are just a  few examples of the  impact Golwalkar’s  legacy  has  had  on the  move  towards  a certain  brand  of radical   Hindu  nationalism …In  Golwalkar’s   mental  universe, there are two  permanent   enemies,  the Muslims and  politics .These two are the greatest   impediments  in the way  of the  Hindu Rashtra regaining its  power and   glory.” 

Sharma has also quoted Golwalkar  in his book. This  provocative quote of  Golwalkar- “Within the   country  there   are  so many  Muslim  pockets , i.e, so  many  ‘miniature   Pakistanis’  …such ‘pockets’  have  verily  become  centres of  a  widespread  network of  pro – Pakistani  elements  in this land . …The  conclusion  is that , in  practically   every  place  there  are  Muslims  who are in constant touch with   Pakistan  over the  transmitter  …Right  from  Delhi to Rampur to  Lucknow, the  Muslims  are  busy  hatching  a  dangerous  plot, piling up  arms and  mobilizing  their men and  probably  biding  their time  to  strike   from  within  when  Pakistan  decides  upon  a  armed conflict  with  our  country.”

With this dark scenario in the backdrop we, the citizens of India, have every reason to sit apprehensive and worried and concerned about  our well – being and  that of our country.