Drugs for a high: From Mumbai to Kolkata


An investigative report by Tehelka SIT tells an insider’s account of the Bollywood drug parties and also reveals how easy it is to get drugs on the streets of Kolkata

“Once upon a time I used to take Cocaine for 12 hours continuously. Starting at 9 in the evening and finishing next day morning same time. It gave me energy. Why some Bollywood stars are  taking cocaine? Just to get energy! Shooting for films in three shifts in a row, not going home and not taking rest exhaust them. So to get fresh energy they require cocaine. The same reason drew me to the drug too. No one working with me was willing to go home. They all used to sit around me and take the drug, so how could I stop myself from taking it. So I also got sucked into it for the sake of energy. We used to spend lakhs of rupees in one night on cocaine”. This is what a renowned Bollywood dance choreographer, a musician-turned-DJ, on the condition of not mentioning his name in the story revealed to Tehelka.

This DJ who claimed to have performed for Amitabh Bachchan in his suite in Singapore, and at the homes of Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan in Mumbai is an Indian film singer/music director, who has worked predominantly in Bollywood. This musician has mainly composed popular music, and his three remix albums have been big hits. Considered to be one of the pioneers of DJ music in India, he is also famous for being privy to the inside stories of drug parties of some Bollywood stars. It can be safely said that he is an eyewitness to most of the Bollywood drug parties. Posing as a film maker who wants to make a film on ‘Bollywood and drugs’ subject, Tehelka reporter met this music composer in Mumbai’s five star hotel. The DJ candidly confessed to Tehelka that he himself was taking cocaine at one time.

DJ… “I used to do it once upon a time”.

Reporter…. “Aap kaun si lete they pehley” ?

DJ…. “Cocaine”.

Reporter….. “Cocaine lete they aap” ?

DJ…. “Ab koi choice hi nahin raha. Ab sab le rahe hain yahan baithkar ab kya karun?. There was a time when I used to drink also. But I do not drink now”.

[The  DJ said that as he was left with no choice so he started taking cocaine. When everybody around him were taking cocaine, what alone he would do while sitting among them, he expleined]

The DJ told Tehelka that there was a time that he used to take cocaine continuously for 12 hours. Starting at 9 at night and finishing around the same time next morning.

Reporter… “DJ bhai apko aadat kaisey padi” ?

DJ…. “Aadat nahin padi, Aadat nahin padi, because just for ye mera dost hai ye le raha hai. Ye meri jaan hai. Tu bhi meri jaan hai. Tu bhi taste kar to le yaar”.

Reporter…. “Aapne kaafi time tak to liya na aapne”

DJ…. “May be for a few months… 6-8 months”.

Reporter…. “That’s it?  Kitna gram lete they aap” ?

DJ…. “A lot…wo khatm hi nahin hota tha. Hum log shuru karte they 9 baje raat ko. Aur wo khatm hota tha doosrey din subah ke 10-11-12 baje”.

Reporter….. “12 ghante” ?

DJ…. “Haan”..

[The DJ revealed how he got into cocaine routine through his friends, and how he along with them used to consume cocaine the whole night]

The DJ explained that cocaine gave energy to the actors and other Bollywood people who worked overnight and did many shifts in a row.

Reporter…. “Energy aati hai”?

DJ …. “Actor log kyon le rahe hai, because they do 3 shifts karta hai. Neend-veend sab gul ho jaati hai. Nasha ek bottle daru pee lo aur aap 2 line maar lo cocaine. Your nasha will be levelized.”

Reporter…. “Aap ne kyon kiya itna lumba”?

DJ…. “Meri company aisi thi koi ghar jaaney key liye tayyar nahin hai. Paisey padey hue hai. Gaddiyan padi hui hain. Lakhon rupay hain.. aur mangao aur mangao!” ?

[ The DJ confessed that some actors take cocaine for  regaining the energy they lose after working continuously  in shifts. He himself also took cocaine because none of his colleagues was  willing to go home. They used to spend lakhs on cocaine in one night]


The DJ now told Tehelka as to how cocaine makes an individual super active, raises his energy levels. After consuming it one can’t sit idle; he would want girls, music, dance etc., he said)

DJ…. “Cocaine is a high kick. If you have it; what would you do after that?. You go mad. Tumko chahiye hogi ladkiyan. Tumko chahiye hoga music. Tumko chahiye hoga. Tum kahin room main baith gaye na, inko maar dongey aap”

Reporter….. “Cocaine ke baad” ?

DJ…. “Hmm”.

[According to the DJ, cocaine gives high energy. So after having it, one wants to get involved in something or the other. Like girls, music, dance etc. After consuming cocaine, one can’t sit idle. He will go mad if he doesn’t find something to do.]

As the conversation with the DJ progressed, he revealed as to how Bollywood people get drugs through “Gotey” [Local name given to their supplier]. They are their trusted peddlers, who regularly supply drugs to them.

Reporter…. “Haan sir bata rahe they Gotey hotey hai” ?

DJ…. “They go and they pick up stuff for them, they do not go themselves”.

Reporter…. “Aur kabhi pakdey gaye ye log” ?


DJ…. “Pakdey gaye na ……ka kya hua tha” ?

Reporter…. “Wo to khud hi pakda gaya tha…..Uska bhi ye hi hua tha. Uska kaisey hue tha” ?

DJ…. “Nahin-nahin supplier ne naam liya tha”.

The  DJ told Tehelka that Bollywood stars have their dedicated suppliers called “Gotey” in local parlance who supply drugs to them. He also named two famous stars who were caught with drugs. According to DJ, they were arrested because the supplier revealed their names to the police.]

Which drug is presently in huge demand in Bollywood ? In reply to this, the DJ said, “Cocaine”. And also revealed its rate. Rs 10,000 per gram. And one gram is nothing in 4-5 people. Then we look for supplier. A supplier they select is always a type of a man who no one can suspect. An old guy will come on old scooter and deliver the stuff!.

Reporter…. “Abhi sabse jyada kya bikta hai Bollywood mein” ?

DJ…. “Cocaine”.

Reporter…. “Cocaine”?

DJ….. “Hmm”.

Reporter….. “Bahut mehnga hoga”?

DJ….. “It is expensive”

Reporter….. “Kya rate hoga sir” ?

DJ…. “Abhi Rs 10 thousand for a gram.

Reporter…. “Cocaine”?


DJ….. “A gram.. gram is nothing”.

Reporter….. “Ek gram main kuch nahin hai” ?

DJ…. “Ek gram main kuch nahin hain. Teen-chaar-paanch log kum se kum hota hai”.

Reporter…. “Ek time main”?

DJ…. “Haan ek time main. Khalaas [khatm] ho jaata hain. Main lunga chaar paanch line bana liya. Main lunga, usko 2 chahiye. Usne 2 line maar di, to kharcha ho gaya aur zyada. Usko phone karo”.

Reporter…. “Supplier ko”?

DJ…. “Wo ayega scooter par tooti- footi. Buda aadmi ko ye log select karte hai sala. Koi bol hi nahin sakta hai iske pass kya hai. Waisa wala  aadmi ayega”.

Reporter…. “Kitne time main aa jaata hai”.

DJ…. “Wo fatafat aa jaata hai. Har area main unke rehte hai. Har area main unke rehte hai”.

[ The DJ confessed that cocaine is in huge demand in Bollywood. It is also very expensive: Rs 10k per gram. And gram is nothing at a place where 4-5 people sit at a time and consume cocaine. So we look for supplier. Supplier is always an old man, on whom no one will have any doubt. He come on an old scooter to deliver the stuff.]

According to the DJ, cocaine in Bollywood is a never ending story. Stars discuss about their supplier. Their rates, their purity. And that too the whole night.

DJ…. “Mera dealer kaun hai aur tera dealer kaun hai.? Mera maal achcha hai.. tera maal kaisa hai.. kitna pure hai” ?

Reporter…. “Accha ye bhi baat hoti hai”?

DJ…. “Arey ye to main hai. Subject ye hai. Yahan par shuru hoti hai. Subah ho jaati hai”.

Reporter…. “Ki dealer kissey liya”.

DJ…. “Haan, kahan se aaya hai. Columbia ke kaun se gaanv se aayi hai. Aur wo kahan pahucha aur kahan mixing hui. Aur phir kya milaya usmein aur phir. Haan yahan rakha to usmein mera ek side mera thoda sa zyada hua. Tera kum hua. Arey bade kamaal cheez cocaine hai. Matlab never ending story hai ye.

[ The DJ told Tehelka that Bollywood stars for the whole night sit and discuss about their suppliers, the purity of drugs, from which country it is from, its rate etc. They also argue that their drug is more pure than the others. From which village of Columbia the drug has come.]


After the DJ, Tehelka met another renowned Assistant Action Director of the Bollywood, who is also an eyewitness to many Bollywood drug parties. He also revealed the Bollywood stars’ love for the drugs, but again on the condition of not mentioning his name in the story. According to this action director, Mira road of Mumbai is a go-to place for drugs. There, a number of Africans sell drugs to the stars.

Reporter….. “Inko milti kaisey hai sab ko” ?

AD…. “Arey kitni milti hai aap chaley jao Mira road mein. Kitney neegro log bech rahe hai drugs.”

Reporter….. “Mira road mein”?

AD…. “Phir”.

Reporter….. “Mira road to bahut dur hai”.?

AD…. “Haan”.

[The AD said that Mumbai’s Mira road is full of Africans who sell drugs to the Bollywood people]

Now the AD told Tehelka that stars don’t do drug parties openly. They take drugs privately in a room. So nobody can make out if they have consumed any drug. It is only from their eyes one can make out that they have done drugs.

AD…. “Waisey drugs wagahrah wali party aisey nahin hoti”.

Reporter…. “Kaisi hoti hai” ?

AD…. “Drugs wali party main sirf actor log hi rehte hai” ?

Reporter…. “Jo drug lete hain” .

AD…. “Haan aur wo chupke se ek room main hi karte hai.. wo log aur kisi ke saamney aisa karte nahin hai. Ab kya liya wo bhi nahin maloom padega apko. Kya lekar aaya wo. Lekin uski aankhon se dekh kar pata chal jayega.. Itni jaldi itna nasha nahin hota kisi ko”.

[The AD revealed to Tehelka that Bollywood stars don’t take drugs openly. Whatever they take privately, it is tough to make it out what they have taken. It is only through their eyes one can guess that they are under the influence of drug. ]

The AD now narrated one incident of a famous film director with whom he was working as his assistant. On an Ad film shoot, the director took so much of charas that he couldn’t got up next morning for the shoot. Later he asked the AD to shoot the ad.

AD…. “Main apna kissa batata hoon unke saath kya hua tha”.

Reporter…. “Haan-nahin wo charsi wala bataiye”.

AD…. “Charsi wala”?

Reporter…. “Haan”.

AD….. “Charsi wala, hum log Goa main they”.

Reporter…. “Ek minute”.

AD…. “Sir ne to pee li daba ke ekdum”.

Reporter…. “Kaun si pee thi” ?

AD…. “Wo to maloom nahin kya thi par itni pee li ki poochon mat”.

Reporter…. “Daru to nahin thi na” ?

AD…. “Daru thi na daru thi”.

Reporter…. “Nahin Charas ki baat ho rahi hai”.?

AD….. “Daru-Charas sab wahin karte wo”.

Reporter…. “OK”.

Reporter…. “Phir kya hua” ?

AD…. “Phir kya uthey hi nahin.. to subah shoot hain. Mere ko bola.. Bunty too jaa ke kar”.

Reporter…. “Kaun si film”?

AD…. “Film nahin thi.. ad film thi”.

[ The AD narrated an incident while he was in Goa for an ad film shoot. A renowned film director of India with whom he was working an assistant director consumed so much of liquor and charas that he couldn’t get up the next morning on time for the shoot. Consequently, he asked the AD to go out and shoot for him].

After Mumbai, Maharashtra, Tehelka now travelled to Kolkata, West Bengal, in search of drug being sold on the streets of another metro city of the country. Not to our surprise we easily came across a peddler name Kartik in Darjeeling. We told Kartik that we are organising a 100-people drug party in Darjeeling. For that we require “gaanja”. Kartik immediately agreed to supply us the same in kilos.

Reporter…. “Achcha Kartik kitna maal de sakte ho humein abhi tum party ke liye” ?

Kartik…. “Abhi dost ke saath baat kar lete hai”.

Reporter…. “Nahin gaanja kitna de sakte ho. 100 logon key liye. 100 logon ke liye gaanja de dogey” ?

Kartik…. “Haan de dengey”.

Reporter…. “Hmm”.

Kartik…. “Haan”.

Reporter…. “Kitna hona chahiye 100 logon ke liye”?

Kartik…. “100 logon ke liye aap jitna bologey utna de dengey. 1kg, 1.50 kg”.

Reporter…. “De dogey”?

Kartik…. “Haan de dengey”.

Reporter…. “Kya rate hoga 1kg ka” ?

Kartik…. “1kg ka kya rate chal raha wo dekhna padega.. abhi bazaar ka daily ka rate up and down hota hai na. 100 gm 600-700 rupay leta hai”.

Reporter…. “100 gm 700 rupay ka” ?

[Kartik, the drug peddler, told us that he can provide us gaanja in kilos for our 100 people drug party in Darjeeling. He told us its present rate, which is Rs 600-700 for 100 gm]

Now Kartik showed us the gaanja pouch he was carrying with him.

Reporter…. “Ye kya hai ye”? Nahin ye kya hai ye” ?

Kartik…. “Gaanja”.

Reporter…. “Humein charas chahiye”.?

Kartik….. “Charas chahiye”.?

Reporter….. “Haan”.

Kartik….. “Charas to abhi shaam ko milega”.

Reporter….. “Ye kitney ka hai poodiya” ?

Kartik…. “Ye 300 ka hai”.

Reporter…. “Tum to bahut mehnga de rahe ho” ?

Kartik…. “Mehnga nahin hai. Hum log roz hi lete hai”.

[ Now Kartik showed us the gaanja pouch he was carrying with him. And told us its rate, which was Rs 300 for one pouch. He says he purchased them daily at the same rate.]

Kartik revealed to Tehelka that the gaanja he is purchasing from Baagdogra is of high quality. That is why one 5-6 gm pouch is costing him Rs 600.

Reporter…. “Tum kahan se lete ho ye gaanja” ?

Kartik…. “Ye to hum Baagdogra se lete hai”.

Reporter…. “Tum kitne ka lete ho packet apne liye” ?

Kartik…. “300 ka lete hai”.

Reporter…. “300 ka hi lete ho aap bhi. Mehnga hai yaar” ?

Kartik…. “Ye to mehnga padega hi. Ye high quality ka hai”.

Reporter…. “Ek pouch main kitna hota hai…ek pouch” ?

Kartik…. “Ek pouch main maan lijiye hoga 5-6 gram.

[Kartik told Tehelka that the gaanja he purchased from Baagdogra is of high quality. That is why one pouch of 5-6 gm cost him Rs 300.]

In Darjeeling itself after Kartik, we met another drug peddler, Sanjay Mandal. He admitted to Tehelka that just before meeting us he was taking brown sugar. Sanjay told us that the rate of one gm brown sugar is Rs 2,000. He agreed to supply brown sugar to us.

Reporter…. “Tum bhi lete ho brown sugar” ?

Sanjay …. “Kabhi-Kabhi leta hoon. Leta hoon”.

Reporter….. “Humein to tumney dilwai nahin. 3 din se yahan par hai”.

Sanjay… Suniye sir. Main to leta hoon. Main to abhi bhi le hi raha tha. Aap log phone kiye to main”.

Reporter…. “Brown Sugar abhi hai” ?

Sanjay …. “Saamney se lena padega”.

Reporter…. “Kitney ka”.?

Sanjay …. “Yahan 2000 rupay ka 1 gm aata hai”.

[Sanjay revealed to Tehelka that he was taking brown sugar just before he came to meet us. He said he can arrange brown sugar for us also. The rate will be Rs 2000 for 1 gm]

From Darjeeling, Tehelka travelled to Kolkata, and near Kolkata Airport met another drug peddler, who was also named Kartik. He was sitting on the pavement and was selling gaanja.

Reporter…. “Hai kuch”. ?

Kartik…. “Haan”.

Reporter…. “Kya hai” ?

Kartik…. “Gaanja hai”.

Reporter…. “Charas hai charas” ?

Kartik…. “Charas nahin hai”.

Reporter…. “Cocaine” ?

Kartik…. “Cocaine-charas nahin hai. Sirf yehi hai”.

Reporter…. “Gaanja”.?

Kartik…. “ Haan”.

Reporter….. “1 packet kitne ka hai” ?

Kartik…. “Ek 200 ka karke hai”.

Reporter…. “1 packet main kitna hai” ?

Kartik…. “Ye kitna hai malik jaanta hai. Hum nahin jaanta hai. Hum log to packet mein karke bech deta hai. Hum bechta hai”.

[The drug peddler sitting near the Kolkata Airport told Tehelka that he sells only gaanja pouches. He doesn’t have charas or cocaine. One pouch of gaanja costs Rs 200.]

Now Kartik told us the rates of both loose gaanja and gaanja pouch he is selling to the customers.

Reporter…. “25gm gaanja kitne ka bataya aapne” ?

Kartik…. “600 rupay ka”

Reporter…. “600 rupay ka 25 gm gaanja khula. Aur ye packet jo hai 200 rupay ka” ?

Kartik…. “200 hai ye”.

Reporter…. “Dono mein kitna hai” ?

Kartik…. “Wo hum nahin jaanta”.

[Kartik revealed the rates of both the loose gaanja and gaanja pouch to Tehelka].

Kartik now confessed that everyday he sits near the Kolkata airport and sells Gaanja.

Reporter…. “Time kya hai yahan baithney ka” ?

Kartik…. “Aap 12 baje key baad  aaiyega”.

Reporter…. “Dopahar ko 12  baje ke baad. Aur raat ko kitney baje tak” ?

Kartik…. “6.30 baje tak”.

Reporter…. “Roz milte ho aap yahin. Naam kya hai aapka” ?

Kartik…. “Humara naam Kartik hai”.

[Kartik then told Tehelka his office hours. He said he comes at 12 noon and leave the Airport by 6.30 in evening after selling gaanja.”]

After Kartik, Tehelka met another drug peddler Chandu at the national highway, Kolkata. Chandu was also found selling gaanja to a customer. He immediately told us the rates of the  gaanja pouch he is selling.

Reporter…. “Charas-charas” ?

Chandu…. “Charas nahin hai”.

Reporter…. “Gaanja”.?

Chandu…. “Hai”.

Reporter….. “Charas nahin hai” ?

Chandu…. “Nahin”.

Reporter…. “Gaanjey ki pudiya” ?

Chandu….. “200 rupay ka diya hai”.

Reporter…. “Gaanja kya rate hai” ?

Chandu…. “100 rupay ka hai. 20 rupay ka hai.

[Chandu, another peddler, selling his wares at National highway Kolkata told Tehelka that he doesn’t  sell charas and only sells gaanja. He said some of the gaanja pouches he is carrying cost Rs 20 while some cost Rs 100. ]

After meeting drug peddlers on Kolkata streets, Tehelka now met a woman selling gaanja on Kolkata streets. The woman didn’t disclose her name to Tehelka but assured us that the gaanja she is selling is of high quality, and is reasonably priced. She claimed that if we buy the same gaanja from the airport it will cost us double the price she is charging. She further revealed that she initially thought that we were policewallas.

Woman peddler…. “500 ruapy ka hai gaanja”.

Reporter…. “Charas hai” ?

Woman peedler…. “Charas nahin gaanja hai. Achchey wala”.

Reporter…. “Dikhao” ?

Woman peddler…. “Ye bahut achchey wala hai. Ye airport par le jayega 1,000 rupay ka bechega”.

Reporter…. “Humein bechna nahin hai humein to apne liye chahiye”.

Woman peddler…. “Jaanta hai”.

Woman peddler…. “Hum soch raha tha policewalla hai, isliye nahin dikhaya”

Woman peddler…. “Ye achchey wala hai ek lijiye doosri baar ayogey ye lene ke baad”.

[ Woman peddler told Tehelka that she sells gaanja of high quality. She added that the same quality is sold at double the price at the Kolkata airport.]

Mamata Banerjee

Tehelka’s investigation has revealed that it is not only the Bollywood which is in the grip of drug abuse. The other industries, including fashion industry, are also known for the rampant use of drugs. Forget industries, drugs are easily available even on the streets of Mumbai and Kolkata. Sadly, the recreational drugs have become easily available since it has a very aggressive market. Also, unlike alcohol and regular cigarettes it is very difficult to find out whether someone standing next to you is under the influence of drug or not. School children are also getting addicted to drugs, because it is easily available in almost all the cities. During our investigation at one place in Kolkata, we found customers coming with money and purchasing gaanja pouches from the peddler. All one needs is a good cash in one’s pocket to buy any type of drug from the market.