Drinking pure water: a natural way to detoxify your body

Drinking pure water is a natural way to eliminate body toxins. Pure water is the best form of medicine Feeling a bit under the weather of late? Or feeling lethargic and drained of energy to tackle even mundane daily tasks? The reason could be “Toxin accumulation” in your body.
Toxins? What are they?
Toxins get accumulated in your body over time. Usually, they are disposed from your body by the digestive organs and other organs like the liver and kidneys. However, with improper diets and hectic lifestyles, your body fails to flush out the toxins entirely from your system.
Some symptoms of high body toxicity include:

  • Digestive problems (constipation, loose bowels, irritable bowel syndrome)
  • Fatigue or chronic tiredness
  • Thyroid issues
  • Skin issues like acne, rashes
  • Depression, anxiety
  • Frequent headaches, migraines
  • Sugar imbalance which leads to diabetes

The solution? It’s Time for a Detox.
When toxins aren’t flushed out from your system, they lead to several health problems. The simple solution is to go in for detox. In a Detox, you take special measures to eliminate the toxins from your body.
Role of Water in a Detox
Water is the best and often simplest way to detox your body. With proper hydration, you not only improve digestion but also ensure the right movement of lymph in your system, making sure that all toxins are flushed out.
Coming to the big question,
What to Drink to Detox your Body?
The answer is quite simple – just drink purified water free of all contaminants and pollutants. Have access only to contaminated tap water? Worry not! Make sure you consider the innovative features of different RO water purifiers before you pick the best model that suits your budget and requirements.
Pure Water – The Miracle Cure to Detoxify your Body

  • Water is a natural lubricant and helps in clearing your bowels by softening stools. When your body is dehydrated, your colon gets dry which in turn leads to constipation.
  • The efficient functioning of your kidneys depend on your water intake. Kidneys filter your blood and send waste fluid to your bladder, which is eliminated as urine. Keep your kidneys healthy by drinking pure water.
  • Water is essential to flush out toxins and to carry nutrients to all vital organs.

The key to successful detoxification depends on the quality of your water. So make sure you choose the right water purifier todetox your system with pure water.
img0004Tips to Detox your Body with Water
#1: Begin your day with a large glass of warm water
Every morning, as soon as you wake up, drink a large glass of warm water to kick-start your digestion and enhance metabolism. You can squeeze half a lemon or add a tablespoon of honey to your water for added benefits.
#2: Drink at least eight glasses of water
Throughout the detox program aim to drink at least eight glasses of water daily. Don’t gulp down water at a time; instead, try to keep on sipping throughout the day.
#3: Avoid Plastic Tumblers
When drinking water, avoid using plastic bottles as they contain carcinogenic chemicals. Instead, sip water from glass, bronze or silver tumblers.
#4: Sip on warm water
Always make it a habit of drinking water at room temperature or slightly warm, instead of chilled. This is because warm water promotes circulation while chilled water slows down the functioning of various organs.
#5: Avoid water during meals
This is because when you drink water during meals, it hampers the secretion of digestive juices. Make sure to drink water around 20 minutes before your meals.
Pure Water – The Key to a Happy & Healthy Life
Check out the current water purifier prices in the market and install the best water purifier and get access to pure water 24 X 7. Start a water detox today and pave the way to a happy and healthy life.
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