Do not to give shelter to militants, says Jammu and Kashmir LG

Jammu and Kashmir’s Lieutenant Governor, Manoj Sinha on Thursday urged people in Jammu and Kashmir not to give shelter to militants while emphasizing the importance of citizens’ cooperation in eradicating the terror ecosystem from the Union Territory during his visit to Sopore. 

Sinha said that the network comprising conflict profiteers, terrorists, and secessionists had been dismantled, creating a strong desire for peace, prosperity, and accelerated development in the region.

Addressing a gathering in Sopore, Sinha highlighted the remarkable progress in numerous cities and towns within the Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory. He inaugurated and laid foundation stones for various development projects in Baramulla district.

Sinha asserted that the administration had successfully dismantled the terror ecosystem and called upon citizens to support these efforts, entrusting the remaining tasks to the police and security forces.

During his visit, the LG expressed optimism that Sopore town would regain its status as a business hub and evolve into a smart city, aligning with the aspirations of the local people. 

Regarding the Sopore fruit mandi, Asia’s second-largest mandi, Sinha acknowledged the challenges it had faced and promised swift action to transform Sopore into a model town.