Development core issue for Global South: PM Modi

New Delhi : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said that development is a core issue for the Global South, noting that the countries of the region were severely impacted by the disruptions created due to the Covid pandemic while geopolitical tensions were responsible for food, fuel, and fertiliser crises.

PM Modi said this during his virtual address at the G20 development ministers’ meeting in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.

In such circumstances, the Prime Minister exhorted the ministers that the decisions they will make will be significant for humanity as a whole.

The Prime Minister emphasised that it is the collective responsibility of the people to not let the sustainable development goals (SDG) fall behind.

He further added that the Global South must send a strong message to the world about the action plan required to achieve this.

PM Modi underlined that the efforts must be comprehensive, inclusive, fair, and sustainable, and attempts should be made to increase investment in fulfilling the SDGs and also finding solutions to address the debt risks faced by many countries.

He further remarked that the multilateral financial institutions should be reformed to expand the eligibility criteria to ensure that finance is accessible to those in need.

In India, PM Modi added that efforts have been made to improve people’s lives in more than a hundred Aspirational Districts which were pockets of under-development.

He underscored that these Aspirational Districts have now emerged as the catalysts of growth in the country as he urged the G20 development ministers to study this model of development.

“It may be relevant as you work towards accelerating Agenda 2030, ” he concluded.

The meeting began on June 11 and will continue till June 13.