Deskercise: Eight weight-loss secrets for office goers

Latest studies suggest that prolonged sitting in office is sabotaging our health. Tehelka bureau explores ways to achieve weight loss goals while meeting the targets in work life

Are you one of those working millennials who asks his inner self every day that your body needs to work-out and lose weight? But, the odd office hours, deadlines and work pressure don’t even allow you any breathing space, forget doing any exercise. So, here are few simple tips to lose weight while being at your workplace, without going to gym.

  1. Mandatory food box

Never ever forget to carry your own food box to avoid eating outdoor food. Breakfast is very vital for your body to lose weight just like the exercise but we millennials often choose to skip it. From today, include breakfast in your food box besides, lunch and mid-snacks. You can make your own DIY food box for breakfast and mid-snacks and carry leftover from last night for lunch but, do not eat junk.

Do not indulge in junk food, chips, sodas, etc, and instead try to snack on raw veggies like carrots, nuts like almonds and walnuts which will not only keep your heart healthy, control diabetes but also be really effective in weight loss.

  1. Drink water, not artificial sugar

Most millennials cannot drink more than half glass of water but can gulp down litres of aerated drinks, as a result suffers from obesity and gastric acid. Keep yourself hydrated with water, flavoured water (put slices of lime or berries) or natural fruit juices because it contains natural sugar to shed extra pounds of weight more quickly. The more you drink water, faster the chances of losing weight.

  1. Stand every 30 minutes

Your body needs to burn calories but sitting all day won’t help, instead, it will make your body fat more stubborn and lazy just like you to lose weight. So, set up an alarm for every 30 minutes to remind your brain that your body needs to burn some calories. Take a stroll through the office or stand for minimum ten minutes to lose weight. This would also keep you active and save your office boredom.

  1. Brisk walks

After every two or three hours, get up from your seat, go to an open place. This is a break needed not just for your eyes, but also your neck and shoulders that tend to become stiff if you sit for long hours in front of the computer. Digital eye syndrome is now a reality and you may need to take care of your eyes. Apart from that, brisk walks can really help in shedding calories and help you lose weight. A vigorous walk is all you need to energize yourself and to shed those extra kilos.

  1. Use stairways to burn full body fat

Ditch the elevator (until your office is at 10th floor) whoever it is possible for you and use the stairways instead for burning full body fat. Ten minutes of using stairways, both up and down, will not only help burn your body fat faster but will definitely strengthen your leg muscles.

A recent study has revealed that you can incorporate little workout ‘snacks’ in your schedule at the office.

Just climb the stairs vigorously before, after, on in between your work hours when you take a break and you have yourself a good workout! Climbing stairs uses your muscles in the legs, arms, and is also good for the heart and lungs.

  1. Healthy snacks

Stash your office drawer or refrigerator with snacks that are yummy as well as healthy for your body. You can munch snacks likeroasted chickpeas, whole grain crackers, fiber-filled cookies/biscuits, protein bar, fruit salad or single fruit, handful of mixed nuts or even peanut butter with bread.

  1. Exercise once a week

Exercise is must for your body to stay healthy and young but the busy schedule may not allow you to go to gym or do

exercises or yoga. All you need to do is take out minimum 20 minutes every week for exercise.

  1. Do not stress

Stress can cause you to overeat, and can also be a reason for weight gain. Stress can also mess with your sugar levels and heart conditions.

The best way to deal with this is to meditate, or indulge in activities you enjoy to bust stress.